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Best Deep Lipsticks to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images While we definitely live for a classic, starlet-inspired orangey-red lip, sometimes you just find yourself in the mood for something a little bit deeper, darker, and well, something with a bit more drama. Just like occasional urge to dawn an all-black ensemble just for the heck of it, some days […]

The Best Red Hair Dye Kits That You Can Buy on Amazon

Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color

Sometimes when red hair dye goes wrong, it goes really wrong. You thought that you were going to look like Madelaine Petsch or Jessica Chastain after you were done with the box dye, but instead you look like Ariel from The Little Mermaid in the worst possible way. No matter if you’re touching up your […]

Best Laptop Stickers to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images If you’re on the hunt for an affordable and low-commitment way to upgrade and customize your cell phone, water bottle, planner, folders, or even your bare laptop, removable (and super cute) stickers are a great place to start. Besides, why look a plain, boring, and lackluster daily essential when you […]

Best Straightening Brushes For Hair to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images When it comes to the enduring pursuit of attaining straight hair, the latest beauty tool discovery is without a doubt hair straightening brushes. Not only are they a less-damaging alternative to flat irons, but they’re also are an awesome two-in-one tool that allows you to create a straight and sleek […]

The Best Cute Desk Organizers That You Can Buy on Amazon

Rose Gold Desk Organizer for Women

Pens, planners and paperclips always end up in the strangest spots if you have nowhere to put them. You might find your planner on your couch, pens in your makeup organizer and paperclips laying around loose on your desk. Restore order to your office or school supplies with cute desk organizers. This way you won’t […]

Best Gemstone Earrings to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Colorful gemstones—from green emeralds, ruby reds, royal purples, and jewel-toned turquoises just to name a very select few, are a bold and timeless statement piece that belongs in pretty much everyone’s permanent jewelry collection. Whether you prefer to correlate your gem pickings based on your favorites colors, birthstone gems, or […]

Best Stylish Bandana Face Masks on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Bandanas have been around forever, and when it comes to fashion, they’re one multi-purpose piece that tends to cycle through trends from season to season—and while they may fall out of favor to the masses from time to time, they always come back in some form or another. While the […]

Best Charcoal Teeth Whiteners on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images From detoxifying face masks to oral supplements, charcoal is one buzziest ingredients of the moment. Recently, activated charcoal has also gained momentum with fans for its teeth whitening and gum-nourishing benefits. While charcoal isn’t exactly FDA-approved for these purposes, the anecdotal “evidence” documented by the many loyalists to the black […]