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Best Rotating Curling Irons & Styling Tools Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Weโ€™re always looking for time-saving shortcuts to streamline and simplify our beauty routines, so when we discovered that automatic rotating curling irons existed, we were absolutely thrilled and compelled to share our discovery. If you use a curling iron, straightener, or any other heat styling tool to do your hair, […]

Best Supplements For PMS & Periods Amazon

Scroll To See More Images For most women, a monthly period โ€” along with the dreaded week or two that precedes it โ€” is just an unfortunate fact of life that weโ€™ve learned to live with. Sure, there are some blessed souls who somehow remain consistently unscathed by their flow, but most women suffer from […]

Best Probiotics For Women Amazon | StyleCaster

In recent years, research underscoring the integral relationship between our gut microbiota and our overall health has increased profoundly. If youโ€™ve ever been prescribed oral antibiotics by your doctor, youโ€™ve probably been told at some point to make sure to either consume plenty of yogurt and fermented foods or to take a probiotic supplement in […]

Best Scalp Massager Shower Brushes | StyleCaster

Whether you were born with thin hair or are suffering from acute hair loss due to stress, the natural aging process or a bad hair cut, there isnโ€™t a one-size-fits-all cure for treating hair loss. While there are plenty of treatments, supplements, vitamins and biotin-infused hair care products that can help promote hair growth, taking […]

Best Setting Sprays Dewy Skin | StyleCaster

We donโ€™t mean to make sweeping generalizations about beauty connoisseurs, but generally speaking, you either fall into one of two distinct categories: those who love a velvety matte finish or those who prefer a dewy glow. Using a makeup setting spray is one of the best ways to get the skin finish youโ€™re looking for […]

Best Long Lasting Setting Sprays | StyleCaster

Summer is just around the corner, and while we couldnโ€™t be more excited, warmer weather and amplified humidity means sweatier skin and melted makeup that just wonโ€™t stay put. Of course, even in the colder seasons (and especially if you have oily skin) taking the measures to ensure a touch-up-free makeup day can become rather […]

Portable Heated Lunch Containers | StyleCaster

Everyone who works in a busy office knows that the lunchtime rush hour in the shared kitchen or cafeteria can be harder to navigate than post-work traffic on the freeway. Without fail, starting around noon and lasting upwards of two hours on each and every work day, thereโ€™s a mile-long line flooding out the door […]

Best Derma Rollers For Beginners | StyleCaster

Microneedling has been a common an in-office procedure used by facialists and dermatologists for several years, but recently itโ€™s become wildly popular in both in-home skin as well. Derma rolling is a type of microneddling process using a face roller designed with tiny needles to mildly poke the skin. While rubbing your face with needles […]

Best Round Brushes For Blow Drying | StyleCaster

Weโ€™ve all experienced the dreaded post-salon battle of trying to preserve the gorgeous blowout courtesy of your stylistโ€™s masterful hands that you can just never seem to recreate at home. Regardless of how many tutorials you watch and countless trial-and-error attempts to re-invent that coveted, not-too-voluminous yet not-too-flat level of volume, it seems entirely impossible […]

Best Boar Bristle Brushes Amazon | StyleCaster

Boar bristle hair brushes are the gold standard type thanks to their soft touch and laundry list of hair-enhancing benefits. The iconic Mason Pearson brush is one of the most infamous boar bristle brushes and is undoubtedly the most used by professional hair stylists. Unlike standard brushes made from synthetic fibers and nylon, boar bristle […]