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Twitter Says Actor Hayden Christensen Is NOT Aging Well.


Actor Hayden Christensen is 38 years old, and a few years ago he was seen as one of the sexiest men in America. Well those days are over. A new picture of Hayden leaked online and immediately went viral. Fans were shocked by how much the actor had aged physically and was a far cry […]

Khia Blasts Beyonce Says She’s ‘Aging Terribly’ – Beehive Attacks

Rapper and podcaster Khia is facing the wrath of Beyonce’s Beeehive this morning, after she made some less than kind remarks about the super popstar. Khia released a podcast on Christmas Eve, where she claimed that Beyonce, 38, is aging badly. According to Khia, Beyonce is “aging terribly like her mama.” Khia added, [Beyonce]’s got […]

Rapper Lil Wayne Aging Badly – He Now Looks 60 Years Old!!

Rapper Lil Wayne has battled with drug addiction for many years. Now it appears that all that drug use has taken a heavy physical toll on the rapper. He was photo’d in Saudi Arabia while performing at a concert over the weekend, and he looked like a man in his 60s. Lil Wayne, born Dwayne […]

Best Anti Aging Neck Creams of 2019 That Actually Work

Scroll To See More Images OK, OKβ€”we know: The anti-aging thing is getting a bit crazy. Just when you wrapped your head around the facts of retinol, like what it is, how to use it, and why it’s going to be your BFF for the rest of your life until you die (no, seriously, it […]