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15 Tangerine Aesthetic Fashion Accessories You Need in Your Closet

Scroll To See More Images Not to sound old (I’m still in my mid-twenties, OK?), but sometimes I’m surprised at what what the “kids” are into these days. I’ve already hopped on board the dad sneakers train and even enjoy looking at certain “VSCO girl” photos, so it wasn’t difficult for me to also understand […]


A quick round up a few of the things that have recently made my heart sing. From fun shoes, to a stacked necklace, to the coolest new bag, and more. I am loving (and linking) all of the below items! Charlotte Stone Shoes // So you know I am loving mismatched and two-tone everything right […]

How to Clean Your Jewelry

Scroll To See More Images Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but maintaining them is another thing entirely. Whether you’ve assembled a diverse jewelry collection over the years or you’re just beginning your jewelry journey, understanding exactly how to clean your favorite necklaces, rings, earrings and more is key to keeping your accessories in […]

Zodiac Signs As VSCO Girl Accessories: Which One Are You?

Scroll To See More Images The latest “it” teen lifestyle trend—named after the popular photo editing app VSCO that’s been serving Instagram with just the most aesthetic of aesthetic ‘grams—is taking over the internet, and we just can’t take it anymore. It’s everywhere. So naturally, we had to ask: Which VSCO girl accessory are you, […]

The 7 Biggest Accessories Trends for Fall 2019

Scroll To See More Images With fall approaching more quickly than we realize, it’s time to accept the fact that we might need some cute new autumn-worthy accessories. Because I always like to know what’s trending ahead of time, I talked to fashion experts from Free People, Modcloth, BaubleBar and Kohl’s about what accessories are trending […]

Pool & Beach Accessories Sure to Spice Up Your July Fourth Instagrams

Scroll To See More Images Fourth of July lends itself to hanging by the pool or sticking your toes in the sand, enjoying the day off of work and basking the sunlight. But, did you even go to the pool or beach if you don’t post photos on Instagram? In order to make your ‘gram […]

Best Fourth of July Accessories 2019 | 51 Festive Options to Shop

Scroll To See More Images If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe isn’t particularly red, or blue, or white. It’s not very star-adorned or stripe-riddled, either. It’s, by all definitions, normal and chic and functional—during the 364 days of the year that aren’t the Fourth of July. But every time that 24-hour window arrives, it becomes […]

Best Summer Booties 2019 | 59 Pairs to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Say the phrase “summer shoes,” and visions of sandals, stilettos and other strappy delights undoubtedly dance ’round your head. But the truth of the summer footwear landscape is that it’s far more varied than you’d expect—close-toed shoes abound. And with cute summer booties at the helm, it’s pretty hard to […]

Best Summer Sandals 2019 | 51 Pairs to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Summer is exciting for a handful of reasons—chiefly that we’re all allowed to bare our feet to the world for the first time since, like, September. Sure, consistent high temperatures and sunshine-filled days are great. But have you ever tried getting a pedicure, busting out a fresh pair of summer […]

Best Summer Statement Earrings 2019 | 103 Pairs to Shop

Scroll To See More Images I’ve recently developed a statement earring shopping habit—one I fully intended to curb this summer. That is, until I saw this summer’s statement earrings selection. Once I discovered how many truly incredible, fun earrings were on offer, I realized there was absolutely no hope of me kicking my obsession. This […]