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Aaron Carter’s Sister Angel Files Restraining Order Against Him

Exclusive TMZ.com Aaron Carter‘s twin sister has followed in Nick Carter‘s footsteps … filing a restraining order against her brother. Angel Conrad filed docs Friday in Los Angeles for a domestic violence restraining order. It’s currently unclear if a judge has approved the order. TMZ broke the story … Aaron’s brother, Nick, filed a restraining […]

Aaron Carter’s Family Plan to Get Him Help is Doomed

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Aaron Carter‘s family thinks they have the perfect plan in place to get their brother some serious help, but the truth is … they don’t. Carter family sources tell TMZ … their hope is that the protective order recently filed by Aaron’s brother, Nick, is the ticket they need to get an […]

Aaron Carter Giving Up His Assault Rifles

Exclusive TMZ.com Aaron Carter is adamant he has a right and a need to have guns — but he now says assault weapons are overkill so he’s giving them up. Aaron tells TMZ, he believed cops were going to come to his home Wednesday and seize his guns, because his brother, Nick, got a restraining […]

Nick Carter Says Aaron Told Sister He Thinks of ‘Killing Babies’

Exclusive TMZ.com Nick Carter says he had to protect his wife and unborn child from his brother because Aaron flat-out told their sister, “I have thoughts of killing babies.” That bombshell allegation is in the restraining order request Nick filed Monday in Las Vegas. In the docs, he says Aaron and their sister, Angel, were […]

Aaron Carter’s Ex-GF Says Family is Trying to Save Him from Himself

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Aaron Carter‘s ex-girlfriend says he has a warped view of the world right now — thinking his family is out to get him … and that his toxic fans are his closest allies. We got Lina Valentina Tuesday night outside the Dream Hotel in Hollywood, and asked if she was […]

Nick Carter Gets Restraining Order Against Aaron, Claims He Threatened to Kill Wife

Exclusive Details TMZ.com Nick Carter says his brother, Aaron, has left him with no choice but to seek legal protection after he claims Aaron threatened to kill Nick’s pregnant wife and unborn child … though Aaron says he’d never harm family. According to the temporary restraining order obtained by TMZ … Aaron has to stay […]

Aaron Carter’s Guns Could be Seized if Cops Get Gun Violence Restraining Order

Exclusive TMZ.com Aaron Carter‘s family is worried about his mental health, and so are cops. We’ve learned they’re looking at an obscure law that could be used to take his guns away. Aaron himself has raised concerns over his mental stability. He appeared on “The Doctors” and it seemed from the show Aaron was suffering […]

Cops Can’t Take Aaron Carter’s Guns Unless He’s Declared Mentally Unfit

Exclusive TMZ.com Aaron Carter‘s arsenal isn’t going to be taken from him … at least not yet, but that could change if authorities decide he’s mentally unfit to own firearms. Carter has been erratic lately … friends and family have been so worried they’ve called police to do welfare checks. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ […]

Aaron Carter Won’t Give Up His Guns After Avoiding Psychiatric Hold

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Aaron Carter is sticking to his guns … meaning he won’t give up his myriad of firearms — which he keeps loaded — despite a rash of apparent mental health disorders and a new attempt to place him on a psychiatric hold. Aaron was on “TMZ Live” Monday and told […]

Aaron Carter Reveals His Mental Illness Diagnosis on ‘The Doctors’

Play video content Exclusive CBS Aaron Carter‘s a mixed bag … and so is the assortment of prescription medication he says he’s on for a variety of mental health disorders. The singer claims he’s been officially diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, manic depression and anxiety. Aaron says his mental illness means taking a laundry […]