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A$AP Rocky Found Guilty in Sweden Assault Case But Won’t Do Time

Breaking News TMZ.com A$AP Rocky did not beat the rap in Sweden, because the judges in his assault case have found him guilty … but he will NOT have to go to prison. The 4 judges in the case issued their written ruling Wednesday … with the conclusion A$AP was guilty of assaulting a man […]

A$AP Rocky’s First Performance Since Swedish Arrest Was Heartfelt, Hyped

Play video content TMZ.com A$AP Rocky‘s first live show since his arrest overseas proves he still has swagger, showmanship and bravado — but he’s also been humbled, and his fired-up fans gave Sweden an earful. Rocky performed Sunday at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, where he was headlining the annual Real Street Festival — […]

Kendall Jenner & A$AP Rocky’s Relationship Clue From Sunday Serviceβ€”Oh

asap rocky kendall jenner kylie jenner snapchat zoom 0bf4e6cd dc77 4141 b89c 9314ab969ea6 1562763760 Kendall Jenner & A$AP Rocky Got Super Cosy At Sunday Serviceβ€”Were Intrigued

After a very tumultuous July in a Swedish jail–A$AP Rocky has returned home and headed right into the arms of an ex-flame. This Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky relationship clue stemming from Sunday Service has us so intrigued. If you remember, the supermodel and the rapper dated for about a year back in 2016. However, […]

A$AP Rocky Crashes Kanye’s Sunday Service, Chats Up Kendall Jenner

TMZ A$AP Rocky is showing his gratitude to one Kanye West for trying to get him out of Swedish custody … by showing up on a Sunday and partaking in worship. The just-released rapper was in attendance Sunday for Ye’s weekly Sunday Service, where he was wearing a jacket in the hot sun — but […]

LL Cool J Says A$AP Rocky Needs to ‘Negotiate’ with Sweden

Play video content Exclusive LionsShareNews.com LL Cool J has a lot of sympathy for A$AP Rocky, but says if he’s convicted in Swedish court of assault, he can’t go on the lamb. LL was at LAX Friday and made one point clear … if he were in A$AP’s shoes and got a guilty verdict, he […]

A$AP Rocky Returns to U.S. from Sweden and He’s Ecstatic

Play video content Exclusive LionsShareNews/TheImageDirect.com A$AP Rocky was downright gleeful after touching down on U.S. soil Saturday just after midnight … free for the first time in a month. A$AP’s private jet touched down at LAX after a long flight from Sweden … this after the judges in his criminal case allowed him to leave […]

A$AP Rocky’s Never Going Back to Sweden

Exclusive TMZ A$AP Rocky‘s saying good riddance to Sweden FOR GOOD and never looking back … assuming everything goes according to plan. Rocky left Sweden hours after the judges in his assault case decided to let him out of jail while they noodle on their decision, which is expected on August 14. A$AP returned to […]

A$AP Rocky Witnesses Say They Didn’t See Him Strike Alleged Victim with Bottle

Getty A$AP Rocky got a HUGE assist Friday from 2 eyewitnesses to the beating that landed him in jail and Swedish criminal court … because both said they were clear — they did NOT see Rocky strike the alleged victim with a bottle. The bottle is the centerpiece of the prosecution’s case. They claim Rocky […]

A$AP Bari’s Defamation Suit Against Sexual Assault Victim Tossed

Exclusive Getty A$AP Bari just took another big L stemming from his sexual assault case … because the judge tossed his countersuit against his victim. According to new legal docs … the rapper’s defamation suit against the woman, listed as Jane Doe, and all claims he made against her have been dismissed. The reason it […]

A$AP Rocky Will Not Testify in Swedish Assault Trial

Exclusive TMZ A$AP Rocky has a story to tell about why he attacked the aggressive guy who unrelentingly harassed him and his crew … but he’s going to let others do the talking because TMZ has learned his plan is NOT to take the stand in his assault case. Our Rocky sources tell TMZ … […]