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Pennsylvania Supermarket Dumps $35k Worth of Produce After Woman Purposely Coughs All Over It

A Pennsylvania grocery store had to throw out $35k worth of produce over a “very twisted prank”. The owners of Gerrity’s Supermarket claimed that a woman entered the store on Wednesday and purposely coughed all over the fresh produce, as well and the bakery and meat sections, in what they called “a very challenging day.” […]

Chris Brown Strikes Deal in Monkey Case, Pays $35k Fine, PETA Responds

Exclusive Getty Composite 2:59 PM PT — A spokesperson for PETA tells TMZ, “The pet trade tears baby monkeys away from their mothers and sells them to people who can’t possibly care for them properly. CA wildlife officials did the right thing in acting on PETA’s complaint and seizing this Capuchin from Chris.” They continue, […]

Justin Bieber Disses PETA After They Criticize His $35k Exotic Kittens – HollywoodLife

After PETA criticized Justin Bieber for spending $35k on a pair of exotic kittens, the β€˜Sorry’ singer clapped back by saying the organization needs to stop β€˜tripping’ and focus on β€˜real’ issues plaguing animals today. β€œPETA can suck it,” Justin Bieber, 25, posted to his Instagram Stories on Oct. 3. Biebs shared a screenshot of […]

Tamar Braxton Owed $35k by Towanda, and Bankruptcy Makes Repayment Sketchy

Tamar Braxton Sister Towanda Owes Her $35k … Bankruptcy Messes with Family 4/30/2019 12:30 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Tamar Braxton‘s learning the hard way lending money to family is not always wise … especially when they filed for bankruptcy. Tamar’s older sister,Β Towanda,Β ο»Ώhit a rough patch … filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy — that’s the serious kind. […]