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Britney Spears Struggles To Dance; Forgets Moves; Needs Practice!! (Video)


Britney Spears is out of practice. The pop star posted a video of herself dancing on Instagram a few days ago, and the poor thing was struggling through the dance set. To see the video of Britney dancing, scroll up to the top of this page. Britney Spears, 38, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and […]

Donald Trump Talks Culture War as Mt. Rushmore Crowd Exposed to Coronavirus

Donald Trump‘s idea of a 4th of July celebration was igniting a culture war, as 7,500 of his followers exposed themselves to a massive, coronavirus outbreak. Check out the crowd at Mount Rushmore … ZERO social distancing, per the Governor herself, who believes crowding together is a symbol of freedom. In fact, the chairs were […]

Janelle Monae Wants To Cancel Hiphop: It’s Too Misogynist; Only Women Should Rap


Last night, MTO News has learned that soul singer Janelle MonΓ‘e said the amount of misogyny in rap music was β€œinfuriating,” adding that β€œwe need to abolish that shit too.” And in a series of tweets, Janelle asked her fans too basically “cancel” hip hop. Janelle said: β€œI really only ever wanna hear women rapping. […]

DK Akademiks Girlfriend: ‘He Abused Me’; ‘He’s A Monster’!

DJ Akademiks, one of the most popular podcasters and bloggers, is having his career quickly spiral down the drain. MTO News has learned that the blogger’s girlfriend is now claiming that he “abused her.” Just one week ago, DK Akademiks was living the high life. He had just purchased a new home, and was hanging […]

Twitter: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Aging Badly During Quarantine!! (Side-By-Side Pics)


Sean Diddy Combs is not looking too good, since being quarantines inside his Beverly Hills mansion for the past four months. And new pics, obtained by MTO News show just how much he’s aged, in just a few months. The multi-millionaire hasn’t been able to get his typical spa treatments. He’s also not been able […]

Black People Boycotting America’s Got Talent Because Of Terry Crews!!

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 6.45.04 AM

America’s Got Talent is losing its audience, especially Black viewers, MTO News has learned. And many are wondering – are they boycotting the show because of Terry Crews?.Β  Terry Crews The Nielsen tv ratings were released this week, and the NBC talent competition normally averages around 10 million viewers. But last week only 8 million […]

U.S. Embassies Drop Cash on July 4 Parties as American Cities Cancel or Ban Them

Exclusive Fourth of July events in America will be few and far between as cities and states have called off big celebrations and fireworks displays, but for U.S. embassies all over the world … it’s party on. TMZ did some digging, and we’ve learned at least 5 embassies have dropped some serious cash to celebrate […]

Pats Kicker Justin Rohrwasser Gets Three Percenters Tattoo Removed

Exclusive Justin Rohrwasser has delivered on his promise … the Patriots kicker has removed a controversial tattoo from his arm after a public outcry, TMZ Sports has learned. The tattoo in question is the logo for the “Three Percenters” — a group some experts have described as a dangerous right-wing militia. Some chapters reportedly associate […]

Pop Smoke’s Inner Circle Gets Custom Jewelry for Posthumous Album Drop

Exclusive Pop Smoke‘s closest friends are getting iced out before his debut album drops … with some custom jewelry honoring the slain rapper. Pop’s inner circle reached out to New York City’s Benny The Jeweler for some special commemorative bling … according to our sources, and it was just in time for Friday’s posthumous release. […]