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Caitlyn Jenner’s Mom Doesn’t Get ‘KUWTK’ Success, Thinks Kris Made Daughter Look Spineless

Usually your mom is in your corner, but Caitlyn Jenner’s 93-year-old mother Esther says she just can’t bring herself to watch her daughter’s latest reality drama. She wasn’t a huge fan of her biggest show, either, admitting that she could never quite figure out why “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was such a hit in […]

‘Jeopardy!’ Star Austin Rogers Muses What G.O.A.T. Questions Might Be

Play video content Exclusive The top 3 “Jeopardy!” contestants to ever win big are going head-to-head (to head) on TV — and one guy who had a great run thinks he knows what sorta questions will be asked. We spoke to Austin Rogers — who had a 12-game winning streak in 2017 — and […]

Masika Kalysha Slams Fetty Wap: ‘You Got A Groupie H*e Around My Kid!!’

Masika Kalysha is not happy with baby daddy Fetty Wap, and took to social media to put him on blast, accusing the rapper of being “toxic.” “Tell the whore you called a mistake I’m not the f*cking one to play with!” she wrote on Instagram. “I will go to jail or hell behind my f*cking […]

Studio Exec Allegedly Wanted Julia Roberts for Harriet Tubman Role

If one studio exec had had their way, audiences would have gotten a Harriet Tubman biopic a quarter of a century ago … and it would have been terrible. That’s because according to “Harriet” screenwriter and producer Gregory Allen Howard, a “then-president of a studio sub label” had actually suggested Julia Roberts for the role […]

Taylor Swift Won’t Have Scooter Braun to Attack at AMAs

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Taylor Swift may be locked and loaded to go after Scooter Braun Sunday at the AMAs, but we’ve learned she’ll be talking to an empty chair because Scooter will be thousands of miles away. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Scooter’s not scared of what Taylor might do … fact is, […]

Chuck D Calls Slams Maury Povich & Jerry Springer For Exploiting Young Black People!!

Public Enemy’s Chuck D took to Instagram on Tuesday to slam talk show hosts, Maury Povich and Jerry Springer.Β  “Just how much the fed$ pay these old white dudes like Maury & Jerry showtiming young folks dysfunctional sht on Air …especially young blacks. Beware of elder media Nucointelpro buzzards hovering. Everything ain’t entertainment, in fact, […]

Julie Andrews Talks About ‘Adorable’ Orgy Scene

Dame Julie Andrews just oozes class and sophistication, so it’s always delightful when she gets a little down and dirty, effectively playing against type for her entire public persona. And she was in rare form on “Ellen” as she shared a story about an “adorable” orgy. Okay, full disclosure, it was totally a fake orgy […]

Antonio Brown Apologizes to Robert Kraft, ‘Sorry for the Drama’

Breaking News TMZ/Getty Composite Antonio Brown is TRYING to make things right with the New England Patriots — starting with an apology to owner Robert Kraft. “Mr.Kraft I apologize sincerely to you and your organization,” Brown wrote. “All I wanted to be was an asset to the organization; sorry for the bad media and the […]

CB2’s Black Friday Deals 2019: Stunning Home Decor You Could Ever Want

Scroll To See More Images Oh boy, Black Friday sales are upon usβ€”and it’s time you start prepping. That’s why we’re here today, bringing you the scoop on CB2’s 2019 Black Friday deals. If you’re moving, revamping a space or just a home decor junkie, then you might very well know that CB2 is a […]

Emilia Clarke Says She Was Pressured to Do Nude Scenes for ‘GoT’ Fans

Play video content Armchair Expert Emilia Clarke says she was pushed to perform in the nude as a young actress getting her start on “Game of Thrones” … and she’s had fights on sets over her refusal to bare all again. Emilia — who rose to fame playing Daenerys Targaryen on ‘GoT’ — opened up […]