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Teddy From Black Ink’s Wife Is Caught ‘Thirst Trapping’ On IG!!


MTO News broke the story, that Teddy Rux from the VH1 hit show Black Ink was secretly married. He slipped up a few months back, and posted this pic – where he suggested that an Asian Insta-model named Euni was his wife. Here’s Teddy, showing off his wife at the time. According to the emoji’s, […]

Dwayne Johnson Posts Heartfelt Message After His Dad’s Death

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 19: Simone Alexandra Johnson, Dwayne

Dwayne Johnson is opening up for the first time since the death of his father, Rocky Johnson. The former WWE wrestler died on Jan. 15 at age 75, and on Friday, Dwayne shared an emotional message written to his late dad, along with a video from Rocky’s career in the ring. “I love you. You […]

Cรฉline Dion Opens Up About Her Mom’s Death

One day after her mother, Thรฉrรจse Tanguay Dion, died on the anniversary of her brother’s death, Cรฉline Dion has spoken out about her loss. People magazine reports that Dion, 51, talked to the crowd at a Miami concert, saying โ€” in footage obtained by TMZ โ€” that her mom “was 92. She was ill for […]

R&B Singer Ashanti Leaks New Bikini Pics – Put On 25 Lbs Of ‘Thickness’!


R&B singer Ashanti put on about 25 pounds over the holidays – but the thickness went into all the right places. Most of the time that a female artists gains some weight – there’s usually a couple of haters out there, ready to put her down. But in the case of Ashanti, there seems to […]

Amelia Gray Hamlin Says Fans Are the 'Reason' She 'Survived' Eating Disorder

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How to Read Tea Leaves, According to a Real Witch

Scroll To See More Images When Katelan Foisy drinks her tea, she thinks about how her ancestors have been doing the same thing for generations. She says originally most tea traditions come from China but that the practice of reading tea leavesโ€”and how to read tea leaves, for that matterโ€”and coffee grounds comes from Greece, […]

Space Force Reveals First Uniform and They Might Need a Redesign

Well, President Trump‘s new baby just crapped all over itself — because the U.S. Space Force’s first uniform is a big hit … with our enemies — in spaaaaace!!! Space Force gave the world a sneak peek at some of its gear Friday night … showing off a glimpse of a camouflage jacket. It’s got […]

Chicago Rapper ‘Violated’ On Video – Cut Dreads Then ‘Raped’!! (Graphic Video)

Chicago Rapper Lil Durk’s Artist OTF DEDE was badly beaten by his enemies – and then the opps VIOLATED him in the most humiliating way. And the entire violation was caught on camera and Livestreamed to millions. The goons did more than just beat OFT Dede – they cut his dreads on camera. Then, he […]

Zoe Kravitz Dishes on The Batman, Reveals Which Catwoman Actress ‘Inspires’ Her

Zoe Kravitz is ready to represent “feminine power” in her new role as Catwoman. During the Television Critics Associationโ€™s winter press tour on Friday, the 31-year-old dished on taking over the iconic role for the upcoming Matt Reeves-directed film “The Batman.” “I think Catwoman, Selina Kyle represents really strong femininity, and I’m excited to dive […]