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Paris Hilton Says She’s Been ‘Playing a Character’ Her Entire Career

You think you know Paris Hilton? You’ve binged every season of “The Simple Life,” “My New BFF,” are wearing her perfume, have her music on repeat and bop to her deejay skills every weekend? Sorry, turns out you still don’t know Paris. That’s because, according to the heiress, she’s been “playing a character” throughout her […]

Babes In NFL Jerseys — Touchdown!

What’s the only thing better than Championship weekend?? How about the smokin’ hot fans who support the boys taking the field!!! Don’t believe us?? See above. Check out Oakland Raiders superfan Josephine Skriver supporting the Oakland Raiders in the sexiest fan gear around … as well as Rob Gronkowski‘s GF, Camille Kostek, always reppin’ her […]

7-Time Champ Robert Horry Says Only ‘Idiots’ Use Rings To Measure Greatness

Play video content Exclusive “All these other idiots who don’t play basketball and never played basketball, when they say you wanna judge a guy’s greatness by number of championships … they’re idiots.” It’s safe to say Robert Horry is fed up with NBA fans using rings instead of common sense in debates … telling […]

Toccara Jones Says Lizzo’s Body-Shaming Haters Are Insecure

Play video content Exclusive Toccara Jones is rushing to Lizzo‘s defense against an army of body-shaming haters … she says critics are just insecure, and yet she’s calling Jillian Michaels a “heifer.” The ex-“America’s Next Top Model” contestant thinks it’s crazy body shaming is still a thing in 2020, and she’s convinced the hate […]

Bhad Bhabie Cures Social Media Troll Blues with $65k in Diamonds

Exclusive Bhad Bhabie is fixing her social media woes with some good old-fashioned retail therapy … shedding dollars instead of tears. The “Hi Bich” rapper announced last week she was taking a break from her social accounts thanks to some serious trolling. She wrote, “I’m sorry. I’m not sure what for but whatever y’all […]

Mama June Sells Diamond Ring for $1,500

Exclusive Mama June is once again unloading valuable property for cash … this time it’s a diamond ring, and we’re told she took the very first, seemingly low-ball, offer. The troubled reality TV star visited a pawn shop called Cash America in Stockbridge, GA on Thursday morning, and brought in a nice diamond ring […]

Vic Mensa Arrested for Felony Possession of Brass Knuckles

Exclusive Vic Mensa‘s learning a tough lesson about Cali life — a little weed is legal, but a little piece of metal could land you in prison … at least if you’re talking brass knuckles. And, we are. The rapper/punk rocker was riding a motorcycle in Glendale, CA earlier this month when police saw him […]

Family Rescued After Falling Through Ice on Frozen Big Bear Lake

Play video content Exclusive A family fell through the ice of a frozen lake in Big Bear this weekend, and the rescue footage is pretty wild. The scary moment happened Saturday on Big Bear Lake, where a throng of ambulances, fire trucks and police cruisers blocked off traffic to save a family of 3 […]

Amber Heard Talks in Sign Language at Women’s March

Play video content Exclusive Amber Heard is about as talented and passionate as they come, which was on full display this weekend during the Women’s March … where she showed off her ASL. The actress was one of many celebs who showed up in L.A. Saturday for the fourth annual event — which got […]

Dr. Oz Responds to Mark Wahlberg, Shows Off Real Defibrillator! Dr. Oz is firing back at Mark Wahlberg‘s cardiac arrest crack — and as it turns out, the doc’s actually got some jokes of his own … plus nifty visual aides. DO took to Instagram Saturday to respond to Mark’s own video from a few days ago, where he accepted Oz’s no-breakfast/one-legged push-up challenge […]