Dr. Phil Reacts to Oprah & Others Using Weight-Loss Drugs (Exclusive)

“Dr. Phil” 2.0 is off and running with his new prime-time series based in Texas!

“Extra’s” Melvin Robert spoke with Dr. Phil about his new Merit Street Media network, as well as the weight-loss medication craze after his pal Oprah Winfrey, Kelly Clarkson, and other celebs have shared that they’ve used the drugs.

Phil wasn’t happy with headlines saying that stars “admit” to using weight-loss medication. He said, “‘Admits’ suggests some kind of wrongdoing, like they’re confessing, having done something wrong. First off, what business is it of anybody else how someone is managing their health?”

He added, “If someone is using a tool to help them get back to health, help them lose weight, which takes the pressure off their heart, this isn’t something they should be criticized about.”

Dr. Phil emphasized that stars shouldn’t “feel guilty about it” and that people should “mind their own damn business.”

As for his Merit Street Media network, Dr. Phil said he is “thrilled” with the success, saying, “We’re in 90 million homes.”

The network already has stars like Steve Harvey and Nancy Grace jumping on board!

Dr. Phil is taking every opportunity to beef up his programming, like adding professional bull riding in July. He said, “To have pro live sports on the network is a real boon for us.”

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