Jake Gyllenhaal Reacts to Batman Buzz: ‘We’d All Be Flattered’ (Exclusive)

On Tuesday, Jake Gyllenhaal brought his parents along to the NYC premiere of the reimagined “Road House.”

“Extra’s” Mona Kosar Abdi caught up with Jake, who reacted to all the Batman headlines after he spoke about losing the iconic role to Christian Bale 20 years ago.

Referencing a recent interviewer who asked him about possibly playing Batman in the future, Jake said, “Of course, we’d all be flattered.”

As for “Road House,” Gyllenhaal admitted it “took months” for him to prep for his role, saying, “It took an incredible trainer, an incredible person who was literally cooking for me and handing me the calories, and we had physical therapists for me and the cast if there were injuries… It took a village.”

He joked that “buckets of tanning spray” helped with the transformation, too!

Jake also opened up about how he felt when they landed Conor McGregor for the movie. He explained, “I was like super psyched and then I was terrified that I’d have to fake fight him.”

Gyllenhaal is set to hit the Broadway stage next year in “Othello” with Denzel Washington. He shared, “One of the things I love about the process of working on a piece of material like that is the period of time when you don’t talk to anybody about it. It’s your time. Right now, it’s my time when I’m playing around with it and getting to know it and digging so deep.”

He added, “I just cannot wait to do it, but most of all, I can’t wait for the process of learning and getting into the words. Those are the most extraordinary words, some of them, ever written.”

“Road House” is on Prime Video March 21.

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