My Everyday Jewellery Edit – The Anna Edit

The jewellery that I never take off…

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I’ve always loved jewellery, but in the past year or two I’ve really honed in on my style, my everyday favourites and the items that I never take off. They are outfit makers, polishers even and they have the ability to put balance back into a look that just feels a bit off. I’ve realised that for me I like to blend chunkier, sculptural pieces with everyday lighter pieces, along with things like my rings and bracelets that stay put no matter what. So here’s what my jewellery wardrobe looks like…


I own a few more necklaces than I’ll mention here, but really at the moment I’m switching between just two. I’m either wearing the Mejuri Curb Chain Necklace* (ad – gifted) – which I’d say is probably my top jewellery pick of the bunch – or the Lie Studios Elly Necklace*. Both are complete opposite ends of the spectrum and add a slightly different flavour to whatever outfit I’m wearing. The Mejuri I leave on, until I swap it out for the Lie Studios as that’s more of a daytime-only costume piece. But really there isn’t much decision making that goes on here – it’s either one or the other.


Ok here’s where I play a bit. I’ll start with the simple one first. My everyday earring is a style from Mejuri which are now discontinued but are most similar to their Easy Medium Hoops*. Just a simple hoop, nothing crazy but I can sleep and shower in them and only ever take them out to swap them for something bolder. I just bought the Mejuri Sculptural Hoops* and they are truly beautiful – these two together would be the perfect dainty/bold earring capsule. Most of the bolder earrings that I wear though are from Lie Studios and I mostly switch between their drop-earring style, the Julie* or their extra large Camille Studs* (ad – gifted). You would have seen me wear both of these styles multiple times as it’s what I use most mornings to add polish to my outfit.


I don’t really mix up my bracelets, mainly because my Apple Watch takes up most of the real estate on my wrist. So I just wear my Mejuri Round Box Chain Bracelet* (ad – gifted), with their Timepiece Bracelet* (ad – gifted). The latter is a little chunkier and the former daintier and I never take them off, only ever swapping them out if I’m at an event and want to leave my wrists bare. One day I’d love to add the Lie Studios Elly Bracelet* to my collection – it’s on my shopping list!


I almost forgot to add this section in! I NEVER take these off, so they don’t register in a way. They are just part of me – literally – some I can’t remove! My engagement ring and wedding ring were from a local shop in Brighton (I think we got engaged almost nine years ago now and I STILL love my ring, so simple – Mark did so well!). Then on my index finger on my left hand I wear a very, very old black gemstone ring that Mejuri don’t even make anymore (the Solo Diamond Ring* is similar), with their Diamonds Line Ring* (ad – gifted) stacked. On my right index finger I wear the Mejuri Twist Ring* (ad – gifted) that I’ve owned for YEARS, on my middle finger their 2mm Smooth Band* and on my ring finger on my right a Claire Kinder ring that I picked up when we went to visit Shop Anomie in San Francisco.



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