Hey there beautiful people !

Happy (belated) New Year!  2018 has been one heck of a whirlwind that’s for sure. You know when life gets really real, it’s so hard to keep up, you find yourself just going through the motions and neglecting the things you love. Blogging was one of them. But I’ve missed connecting with you guys on here, so I’m easing back into things slowly.

In the spirit of “New Year, New Me”, one of the things I am really trying to stay focused on improving this year is my health. Yes, I, like many others, cannot resist the start of a new year to help kickstart that fitness routine, which can so easily be neglected due to the busy lives we all lead.

So I have been meal prepping and busting my butt in the gym these past couple of weeks and really quite enjoying it. However, one thing that is new to my usual gym going is this time I have incorporated an after gym skin care regimen.

My post-workout skin care regime

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am an avid skincare connoisseur. I do not play when it comes to my daily routine and my products. So why would it be any different when it comes to my post workout skin care products and regime, right?  Moisturisers, serums, oils, make up, you name it, I’m using it – that means my cleanser needs to be able to dive in and remove all the serums and potions I put on my skin clogging up my pores. A facial brush is without a doubt, a must have staple in my collection. We have to take care of our skin after all that squatting and sweating hunnies.

You guys know a cleansing brush is vital in my skincare collection so my new FOREO Luna 2 mini is perfect for my post-gym skin routine. Your skin and body goes through a lot when you’re working out, and all that sweat can leave my face feeling very dry if I don’t clean and moisturise properly after my session.

My Luna 2 mini removes any dirt, oil and bacteria that may have built up on my face during my workout leaving my skin feeling refreshed and creating a really good base for my moisturiser to really absorb into my skin and replace any hydration I may have lost.

Also, due to it’s silicone design, it’s really good at resisting the build up of bacteria compared to your traditional bristled facial brush, meaning I don’t have to worry that I’m adding any extra bacteria to my skin.

I’m usually rushing off to a meeting or to shoot after the gym so I love knowing that it doesn’t need to take long to re-boost my skin and within a minute, my skin is softer, healthier and ready for the day especially if I’m intending on doing a full face of makeup.

Overall, if facial cleansing brushes is something you are still yet to incorporate into your post-workout skincare routine, firstly – where have you been? And secondly – the Luna 2 mini is definitely a great one to start with.

If you’ve used one before or decide to snatch one up, let me know what you think of it too? ! I’d love to know if you guys feel it as much as I do.

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