‘Spiritual Healer’ Convinces Saweetie To Shave Head BALD . . .  Said Hair Carried ‘Evil Spells’!!

Female rapper Saweetie stunned her fans yesterday, after she shaved her head bald. It’s surprising because Saweetie was known for her amazing hair, especially her baby hairs.

Well MTO News got some further insight into exactly WHY she shaved her head.

According to one person close to Saweetie, the beauty cut off her hair after speaking with a woman who is described as a “spiritual healer.”

The insider told MTO News, “Saweetie is in Jamaica recording her new album. She has been embracing the [Jamaican] culture and spoke with a healing woman. The woman told Saweetie to cut off her hair to get rid of evil spells that people put on her.”

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