Don’t Sleep on Colour Correctors, They are the Way to Perfect Skin

Don’t Sleep on Colour Correctors, They are the Way to Perfect Skin

Take it from the makeup pros and Kim Kardashian, colour correctors are a necessary evil to make your concealers work and, of course, achieve that flawless skin finish.


Concealers are a tough nut to crack. You might’ve tried the crème de la crème of concealers and still found your dark circles peeking out through the layers by midday. And unlike the rest of your face, you can’t just fix the spot with a dab or swipe on another layer. We’ve all been there, tried that – dry, crusty undereye patches are not a good look.

But before you throw your hands up in defeat, consider this: adding colour correcting to your undereye routine. Colour correctors are so underrated. While, you might’ve seen the professionals at work with the red, green, and peach-hued formulas umpteen times, you might’ve never deemed it as a necessity to add to your makeup arsenal. Or, perhaps, just never got around to figuring out what colour correctors did for the skin. With so many shades, where does one begin anyway?

Let’s go back to the colour wheel. There are three main colours involved in the art of colour correcting. The first, peachy, orangey hues that alleviate the blue, grey undertone of undereye shadows. It’s a nifty, Kim Kardashian-approved, trick to getting rid of the evidence left behind by all the late-night Netflix binges. This one from Make Up For Ever’s new lineup of colour correctors also doubles up as a primer on top of getting rid of the discolouration. We love a double-duty agent!

Moving on from the undereye area, green colour correctors come in handy to spot treat any redness on the skin. Your concealer could use the reinforcement, especially when you’re dealing with the seething red bumps that show up during the time of the month. Lastly, purple colour correctors essentially bring your skin back to life, working particularly well on East Asian complexions.

There you have it – the lowdown on what’s what. Now all that’s left to do is identify your skin’s needs.

Make Up For Ever Grayness Reducer

Make Up For Ever Yellowness Neutraliser

Make Up For Ever Redness Corrector

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