Makeup Lessons We’re Taking from Instagram’s Beauty Filters

Makeup Lessons We’re Taking from Instagram’s Beauty Filters


Instagram’s beauty filters have the crowd split but whether you love them or hate them, you must’ve at some point tried them. There are the ones that are instantaneous lip fillers and nose jobs, others that decorate your face with butterflies and flowers, and the crowd favourite – makeup filters.

Perfectly winged eyeliner, cherub cheeks, a swatch of nude tint on the lids, and lips – these filters paint our faces better than we can. Most of us are no strangers to beauty filters. Before Instagram’s in-app function, there was Facetune, its Korean counterpart Snow, and the Chinese equivalent Meitu XiuXiu. While those gave our selfie the help that it needed when our face had declared an off-day, they never were a source of makeup inspo.

Instagram’s array of beauty filters, on the other hand, are free for all makeup masterclasses. If you don’t already have your favourite filters saved, Sophie Katirai’s presets are about to forever change your #selfie game. The Dubai artist’s filters are every Tinseltowners go-to – beauty mogul Kylie Jenner included. As much as we’re all for bare-faced beauty, you can’t blame a girl for playing with makeup.

We’ve been taking notes, too. If you’ve been on the same makeup routine for years are looking to switch things up, these nifty tricks courtesy of Instagram’s filters might just be what you needed. We’re certain there’s plenty more than just the ones we’ve picked up on. Have any caught your attention?


Blusher is meant for the cheeks – or so we thought. Sweeping the blush across the tip or centre of the nose really complete the natural, flushed look. Keep in mind, though, you don’t want to go overboard lest you look like your allergies are acting up.


The same way we had never thought to apply blusher anywhere other than the cheeks, we’ve for the longest time only applied eyeshadow on the lids. But we’ve really been short-changing our smokey eye. Blending the colours down along the lower lash line really does make the eye pop, taking the look to a whole other level – literally and figuratively.


The harsh Kardashian contour is a thing of the past. Pack your contour palette. For dimension, apply another blush shade where you’d typically apply the contour. We typically blend a peachy shade into our everyday rosy blusher. We never quite understood the need for a blush palette but we get it now.


Zero effort, maximum output. There’s no better way than that to describe what a glossy lid can do for you. On the no-makeup makeup days, a little dab of gloss on the lid will make you more alive than you are on the inside. Conversely, when you’re looking to dial up the glam, a little gloss over the eyeshadow gives it that show-stealing megawatt shine. If you don’t have ones specifically for the lid, your favourite lip gloss would do the job.


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