5 Affordable Jewellery Brands to Buy Your Everyday Pieces From

5 Affordable Jewellery Brands to Buy Your Everyday Pieces From

There are plenty of options out there but many of which that speak of a certain quality even at lower price points. We’ve done the homework for you, here are the ones that pass the test.


As Michael Kors so eloquently said it, accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit. There’s no doubt – jewellery is truly transformative both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.  Unapologetically big earrings double up as our security blankets, stacked rings are great for distracting from a long overdue manicure, and layering necklaces is our go-to hack for lending a plain t-shirt some much-needed character.

Every girl has her daily rotation of bijuox. These aren’t precious heirlooms passed down from great-grandma or exquisite fine jewellery with heart attack inducing pricetags. Acutely aware of our tendencies to lose pieces as we go about our busy lives, we lean towards affordable pieces. That way, even if we lost an earring in the ocean (remember that iconic scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians?), we wouldn’t be Kim Kardashian hysterical. We might, at most, shed a tear.

As far as affordable jewellery brands, there are plenty that the high-street has to offer. Yet, there aren’t that many that nail the sweet spot balance between quality and price. Fret not, we’ve done the legwork for you so you don’t have to spend forever trawling through reviews online. You’re welcome!

Kira and Misha

Kira and Misha is the brainchild of Jeju-based digital native Dasha Kim who counts nearly 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than a 100,000 followers on Instagram. With that setting the preface, there are no prizes for guessing exactly how or where we discovered Kira and Misha. We first stumbled upon the brand’s handcrafted jewellery on the gram. It was the curvatures of the gold Sasha hoop earring that stopped us mid-scroll through our feed. Unlike the stereotypical uniformity of most factory manufactured hoops, the organic quality of Kira and Misha’s creations held our attention. While the brand is most popular for its earings and ear cuffs (we wear ours stacked), the other pieces from the brand tell a similar story – the kind to surely stop you in your tracks.


With nearly a million followers on Instagram, Mejuri needs no introduction. You probably would’ve at this point seen the brand’s popular signet rings on your feed. The Canadian jeweller’s contemporary acquisitions that evoke the luxury of fine jewellery without the hefty price tags are a hit amongst women. Made for stacking and layering, Mejuri’s versatile pieces present endless options for its wearer. Given the polished quality of its pieces, you don’t have to ask us twice about taking these with us to a fancy schmancy dinner. If you aren’t already in love, the fact that Mejuri is committed to ethically sourced materials should have you falling head over heels.

Luv Aj

When you’re not a gurl but not yet a woman, we’d point you towards Luv Aj. The Los Angeles based jewellery brand has a decidedly youthful edge to it. Rather than the sleek, minimal ware of most contemporary jewellers, Luv Aj’s designs take a playful approach to jewellery. Be it the blinged-out hoop earrings or its beaded numbers, if you’re one to wear your personality, the pieces from Luv Aj basically scream f-u-n. You do you – jewellery does not always have to be serious.

Amber Sceats

Sydney-based jeweller Amber Sceats‘ approach to jewellery echoes the unmatched prowess of frontrunners in the realm of fine jewellery. Deeply rooted in history, Amber Sceats’ intricate pieces meld the past the present together with a lineup of jewellery fit for a goddess, or more fittingly, a kween. These acquisitions brought to life by craftsmen sourced from Tuscany to Paris, are head-turning statement pieces for the everyday. When you’re wearing something as beautifully made as Amber Sceats’ jewellery, you bet people are bound to take notice.


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