The Unexpected Return of Elastic Headbands from Your Schoolgirl Past

The year might be 2020 but look into our wardrobes and you’d be convinced we’re stuck in the ’90s. These days, even we second-guess ourselves. It’s not just our unitards and chain belts that scream a blast from the past, our taking to elastic headbands of late also takes us back to to Cher Horowitz’s heyday. In fact, Horowitz and her posse themselves did sport these headbands in the forever iconic ’90s flick Clueless.

If you were a ’90s kid, you probably need no introduction to elastic headbands. Growing up, they were the default hair accessory on rushed school mornings when there’s no time for a terrible case of bedhead. And we’ll admit, at the peak of our baby hair insecurity, they also came in handy as a bandaid for stubborn strands before we knew how to tame them. These days, we wear them as a statement accessory more than anything.

The nondescript headband, despite how unassuming it appears to be, instantaneously ups one’s cool-girl factor. Look no further than Yoyo’s Tatler cover for proof. If mama has long tossed out the headbands from your youth, you could easily get a replacement for not more than a few dollars – you probably already know where to look. While we prefer minimal elastic headbands that pretty much go with anything, for the bad and bougie, you have designer options too. The question is: just how much of a head-turner are you looking to be?

Nike Training Fury Headband 

Fendi Appliqued Stretch-Jersey Headband

Balmain Paris Hair Couture Metallic Textured-Leather Headband

Marine Serre Knitwear Moon Headband

 1017 ALYX 9SM Headband

ASOS Design Wide Jersey Headband

Nike Fury 2.0 Printed Headband

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