Aija Mayrock Exclusive Poem About 2020 Election

If you’ve gotten the chance to read her bestselling book The Survival Guide to Bullying or watched one of her spoken-word performances, you already know Aija Mayrock is an incredibly powerful and inspiring speaker and writer. So it’s no surprise that her latest writing, a beautiful poem encouraging readers to vote in the upcoming election, is just as moving.

Get inspired by Aija’s words in POPSUGAR’s exclusive debut of her poem “A Vision” below, and check out her spoken-word performance of it here.

In the silence we sit in
pause for one moment
for the darkest times always come before the dawn

And in those dark times we still wake to a rising sun
To cast our vote
For our voices can be heard in the ballots, in the booths
We cast our vote
for democracy depends on it
for equality, justice, peace
can be built from it

We tirelessly speak
to build the country
we hope our children will see

Vote against hate
dare not acclimate to a society
that is built to discriminate.

Vote with your head and your heart
Let us be part of a peaceful nation not divided by hate and indignation
It starts with vision
Now make your decision

Image Source: Anna Zhang

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