Karamo Brown Interview About Queer Eye

In our Q&A series Last Call, we get down to the bottom of every last thing with some of our favorite celebs – from the last thing they texted to the last thing they binge-watched. This week, Queer Eye star Karamo Brown takes our call.

We can’t get enough of the Queer Eye crew, and Karamo Brown’s inspiring wisdom and the work he does to motivate people to be their best selves is more important now than ever. While the Fab Five are currently on hiatus, Karamo’s latest project is a collaboration with Febreze in honor of Adopt-A-Dog-Month, where they’re working to raise funds to support North Shore Animal League America’s no-kill mission. Ahead, we chatted with Karamo all about his adorable dog Logan, the last thing he watched on Netflix, the music that has gotten him through the pandemic, and more!

Last piece of advice you received that changed your life?

Well one of the best pieces of advice that I started doing and that I try to encourage people to adopt is, “Don’t give press to your stress,” meaning stop giving the negative parts of your life more attention than they need, stop talking about it to every person. By doing that, you are only giving the stress more attention which is affecting you mentally, emotionally and physically. Of course, make a plan and ask for help to eliminate the stress, but any time you want to live in the stress start focusing on and promoting something that is good in your life. Feed off that energy.

Last thing you ordered online?

Oh my god for my birthday that is coming up in November, I just ordered these white Versace high top boots. They are everything!

Last thing you did with your dog Logan?

The last thing I did with my pup is I went on a hike behind my house. One of the beautiful parts of California is that you can hike even during the fall/winter. And with my dog being a senior dog, I like to try to get him out so that he can walk and stretch his legs. I try to keep him and myself physically and mentally healthy.

Last thing you texted?

Last thing I texted was to my best friend, “I love you and am here for you.” I like to do random check-ins with the people I love so they know they are not alone.

Last thing you watched on Netflix?

Last thing I watched is Deaf U by Nyle DiMarco. It’s such a great reality show. So thoughtful and fun . . . but most importantly, it exposes most people to a part of American culture that often is not celebrated as it should be. We should all try to learn ASL so we can communicate with our deaf and HOH friends and family members.

Last thing you do before going to bed?

During the pandemic, my nighttime routine has changed. It’s a lot more about checking in with my mental and emotional state. So after walking my dog and then spending some time cuddling and just playing with him… I then take some time just to meditate and make sure that I’m checking in with how I’m feeling because that’s super, super important right now. You constantly must check-in with yourself so that you can always have a grip on how you’re handling all the things that we are costly inundated with.

Last photo on your camera roll?

It’s a photo of me and my dog Logan. I was shooting pictures of him and myself cuddling for this amazing Febreze campaign that I’m so excited to be a part of called ‘Say Up to Your Pup’.

What do you remember about the last time you voted?

What I remember about the last time I voted is the anxiety I felt of . . . will our country head in a direction where people feel supported and know that their fears and their dreams will be heard equally. And I’m just hoping with this election, that we vote thinking of ourselves but also thinking of our fellow Americans and making sure that all of us feel supported and loved especially during this time.

Last workout?

My last workout was hard and exhausting. I know you want the details of exactly what I did, but clearly I can’t remember because I almost passed out because [of] running and lifting weights — which is the hardest thing for me. But I try to push myself to do it because I know that just being active, even just a little bit during the day, is going to be the best thing you can do for your mental state.

Last book you read?

The last book I read was Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty. He is a friend of mine, but also someone that I truly respect as a leader in making sure that your mental health and emotional health is really at the forefront of your thinking. I just encourage everyone to read this book.

What was your last day on set on Queer Eye like?

The last day on set of Queer Eye was weird because we didn’t know it was our last day. We had just started shooting our very first episode for the brand new season and as we finished helping the new hero, as we walked out of their home, they told us we were shutting down for Covid and had to all go back to our homes and other states. So, it wasn’t the way we normally like to end where the five of us like to connect, debrief and just embrace each other — it was like OK, I’ll see you maybe in a couple of days and then all of a sudden now it’s been like eight months. I’m super excited for us to get back to work in the new year because I miss my boys, I miss the crew and I just miss working on a show that is all about helping people to feel good and confident.

Last song or album you listened to?

The last album I listened to is Brandy’s B7. I’m all about R&B and R&B stars/divas. Brandy is an icon and when she dropped this new album, I listened to it back and forth day after day for the past three weeks. Brandy has basically gotten me through this pandemic.

Last cause you worked on that meant a lot to you?

The last cause that I worked on is ironically the campaign I’m working on now with Febreze, called ‘Say Up to Your Pup’. Not only are we encouraging people to use Febreze Fabric Refresher so that they can cuddle with their animals up on the furniture and not have to worry about dog odors, but also since it’s National Adopt-A-Dog Month, they will be giving a donation of $25 (up to $25,000) to North Shore Animal League America for every in-feed photo or video shared on Instagram of a dog “up” on a couch, bed or furniture with the hashtag #SayUpWithFebreze. Helping animals get adopted is not only giving those animals a home, but it’s also going to give the new owners an opportunity to have a pet to connect with that will support their mental and emotional growth.

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