Lizzo’s FAT AGAIN – Put Back ALL The Weight She Lost PLUS MORE!!

Pop singer Lizzo initially lost 50- pounds, and she was on her way to becoming

Here’s what she looked like, just a few weeks ago.

But Lizzo has backed off her diet, and has put back on the weight. She even appears to have added a few extra pounds.

MTO News learned that as of June, 2020 Lizzo had lost 50 pounds through a combination of exercise and diet. For a while, Lizzo even turned vegan.

The weight loss was noticeable, and she appeared to be on her way top becoming a skinny chick.

Here’s a sample of what she was eating – healthy low-calorie foods

But for whatever the reason, Lizzo abandoned her weight loss journey – and has now put on all the pre-diet weight back.

Here’s what she looks like now:


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