Joe Budden Trolls Spotify In New Commercial

Joe Budden and his Joe Budden Podcast aren’t bitter about their split from Spotify — but they did take the time to create a six-minute commercial clowning the streaming giants.

Rory kicks off the video on the phone to his mother:

“Yeah mom, it’s over,” says Rory. “I don’t know what the f*ck he was doing either. He was just screaming like a fucking lunatic. No, we’re broke again. It’s over.” 

Manager Ian Schwartzman then says, “We’re not actually broke — not yet.”

Budden then comes in and gives the team several ideas on how they can generate income after their deal with Spotify ended.

The JBP walked away from Spotify after the offers put on the table were allegedly grossly undervalued the podcast, which was said to have brought Spotify millions of subscribers.

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