Beauty Wars: Our Favourite Serums for Every Skin Cause

Beauty Wars: Our Favourite Serums for Every Skin Cause

On the days our skin could use a little extra help, we can always count on these trustee serums to swoop in to the rescue.


As much as we try to treat our skin with the tender loving care that it deserves, it is only human to err. We all have those days when we slack a little with clocking in the full seven hours of beauty sleep, barely drink any water throughout the day, turn to fast-food binges as a cure for stress. While we might conveniently look past our slip-ups, our skin always remembers.

Like hangover cures, we have a stash of serums that we diligently pepper our skincare routines with when our skin could use a little help. Why serums, you ask? The lightweight formulas melt right into the skin, making them the perfect candidates for layering underneath an existing lineup of toner, moisturiser, and the works. They also wear well under makeup, making them suitable additions to a daytime skincare routine. Versatile as they come, serums work their magic on pretty much any skin type.

We here at Team Kulala are big fans of serums and naturally, we have a comprehensive list of skin saviours that have redeemed our skin on its worst days. Know your battles? Pick your fighter.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Multi-Recovery Complex Serum

If you didn’t know better, you might dismiss anything Estée Lauder as something that’s meant for someone your mom’s age. However, don’t be too quick to pass your judgement. Even if you don’t suffer from fine lines and wrinkles, Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Multi-Recovery Complex does wonders to smoothen out the skin. The renewed formula infused with Chronolux™ Power Signal Technology penetrates deeper and faster into the skin. Although its name reads night repair, the serum is good for use both in the am and pm. This serum is your answer to bumpy, uneven skin.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

In the past, we’ve discussed Vitamin C infused skincare products at length. Vitamin C is a beauty junkie favourite. It’s an all-encompassing ingredient that brightens the skin, protects it from sun damage, lends a radiant glow to your complexion and lightens pigmentation. On the days when our skin looks dull, the cult favourite Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum is one we reach for to bring our skin back from the dead. As the instruction suggests, we store this bottle in our vanity fridge. Ah, the feeling of a cool serum over the skin is one of our favourites. We might be guilty of applying a rather generous dollop each time. You can’t blame us, it just feels that good!

PSA The Most Hyaluronic Super Nutrient Hydration Serum

Purpose Skincare by Allies The Most Hyaluronic Super Nutrient Hydration Serum does the mostess to lock in moisture in the skin. With hyaluronic as a key ingredient, the lightweight serum absorbs almost instantly into the skin leaving it plump with moisture upon application. We especially love this for oily skin because it adds just the right amount of moisture to the skin. We checked – our face isn’t melting by the end of the day.

Albion Embeage Excia Le Serum

We saved the priciest of the lot for the last. With a hefty price tag that will set you back by SGD$604, the Japanese skincare formula is a luxurious indulgence to treat the skin to. Infused with cell renewal properties, this serum reverses the traces time leaves on the skin. It revitalises the skin by deeply moisturising it and giving it a youthful lift. Sagging skin – no matter how old you are – can take a hit on your self-confidence. We say your skin is worth investing in.



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