Presidential Debate Twitter Reactions That Will Have You In Tears

Last night’s first presidential debate of the 2020 election was… interesting, to say the least. Actually, it was unwatchable. If you’re feeling exhausted and disappointed by the actual content of the debate, warm your heart with the best Twitter reactions to the presidential debate. We’re talking memes, gifs and commentary that made us laugh so hard we cried. At least I think that’s where the tears were coming from.

Although it can feel discouraging that the future of the leadership of our country lies in the hands of two old white men, take solace in the fact that your vote will make a difference in whose hands will be given that responsibility. Regardless of whether you watched last night’s dumpster fire of a debate, please go out and vote this November.

The first debate of the 2020 election might have you feeling frustrated, and trust us, we feel you. Trump’s incessant interruptions and refusal to condemn white supremacy had us wanting to throw every object within arms reach at our TVs. But, all we can do now is reflect on the mess, laugh at a few of the most outrageous moments and just hope and pray Andy Cohen is around to moderate the next one. Because, honestly, a ‘Housewives’ reunion is more civilized than whatever we watched on our screens last night.

Perhaps the Vice Presidential debate will be more civilized, or will at least bring up the important issues Americans care about and want to see our leaders discuss. Plus, we might be a little bit excited to watch the incisive 4Kamala Harris take on Mike Pence.

The 2016 election was certainly a defining moment in American history, but 2020 feels even more pertinent, more urgent and the consequences of this year’s election will be felt for a long time to come. So don’t sit back and watch it all unfold. Do your part to ensure a better future for America the best way an American citizen can: Get out there and vote.

So dry your tears, buy some Biden-Harris merch and get ready to vote in probably the most important election of our lifetime. And of course, lighten the mood a bit and ready on to have a laugh at some of the best Twitter reactions to last night’s debate below.

The best reactions are a mix of funny commentary and accurate revelations about the state of our country. It feels good to be able to laugh and bring some humor to what feels like a dire situation, but it doesn’t take away the urgency and the need for change.

If kids can watch and recognize how horrible our president is, it’s time to make a change. Plus, we are loving the idea of bringing in a teacher or a mom to moderate the next debate.

Hopefully, the next presidential debate will actually educate voters on the candidates. Maybe we’ll learn a little more about Biden and Trump’s stances on important issues like climate change, civil rights and immigration. Or, we’ll just be watching another ‘Housewives’ style reunion. Honestly, in 2020, anything goes.

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