‘RHOP’ Star Gizelle Bryant’s Dad Does Not Approve Of Pastor Jamal Bryant Reunion

The father of Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant revealed off-camera that he does not approve of her reunion with ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant.

He did not realize the mics were still on at the time.

Gizelle brought her father to speak to Jamal. Her father said he was happy (although he really didn’t look it), and when he was off-camera, he spilled his true feelings to producers.

“I think you can take the mic off of me. I think I’m done. This is not a good move for her. You know this guy’s got 6-7 baby mamas. You know? Do you want to deal with that again? No! As a father, you think twice about that kind of stuff. I’m done,” he is heard saying.

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