Katie Holmes’ ‘Vote’ Tee Is The Cutest Fall Look—And Only $15

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If anyone looks consistently chic without even having to try, it’s Katie Holmes. And in case you’ve already forgotten about the infamous cashmere bra the actress turned into a full-blown trend, I’m here to remind you that that moment was just one of her many sartorial accomplishments. Katie Holmes’ ‘vote’ tee from Old Navy is just another example of how much we should pay attention to what this actress wears. Seen on the streets of NYC encouraging us all to use our voices and vote, Holmes was serving up some serious autumnal vibes.

A graphic tee is a must-have in any fall wardrobe—and it’s even better when it boasts an important message. Clearly, Katie Holmes understands that making a statement with her autumnal looks is the only way to do it this season. The actress topped off her black jeans and booties outfit with a seriously cute ‘Vote’ tee from Old Navy (and a face mask, of course). It’s a classic fall outfit formula made oh-so-relevant for 2020, and I have to hand it to the actress. Katie Holmes might have just one-upped her cashmere bra look. (Yeah, I said it!)

STYLECASTER | Katie Holmes Old Navy Vote Tee

Courtesy of Old Navy; SJZ/Shutterstock.

I’d honestly argue that this look is even more culturally significant than the cashmere bra. (Bear with me.) The cashmere bra may have incited an entire trend—with dupes showing up in all our favorite retailers—but a simple vote tee? That has power beyond just shopping. Similar to when Bella Hadid wore a Michael Khors vote tee on her Instagram, this ensemble could actually remind someone that they need to register to vote or simply encourage them to head to ballot box in November. Maybe it’s wishful thinking—or maybe seeing celebrities wearing ensembles emblazoned with voting reminders is creating the most important fall trend.

Either way, Holmes’ Old Navy ‘vote’ tee is a cute look, and you can shop it below—along with some other ways to finish off your vote ensemble—for only 15 bucks. (A true gift!) If you’ve been looking for the ultimate fall outfit, here it is. Just add your favorite jeans and booties, and you’re set. Because there’s nothing so timelessly fashionable as voting, am I right?

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1. Vote Graphic Tee

STYLECASTER | Katie Holmes Old Navy Vote Tee

Courtesy of Old Navy.

I never knew getting Katie Holmes’ look could be so easy, but this Old Navy ‘Vote’ tee is here to prove it is. For just $15, you, too, can look like a stylish celeb. And is that all we really want?


2. Vote Necklace

STYLECASTER | Katie Holmes Old Navy Vote Tee

Courtesy of ProJewelry Design.

If it’s good enough for Michelle Obama, it’s good enough for me! Add a cute Vote Necklace to your ensemble, and watch as those compliments pour in.


3. Vote Face Mask


STYLECASTER | Katie Holmes Old Navy Vote Tee

Courtesy of Beau Ties Lmtd.

This fall, a Vote Face Mask is a must-have accessory. Keep yourself and others around you safe—while reminding everyone to vote at the same time. Win-win.


4. Vote Sweatshirt


STYLECASTER | Katie Holmes Old Navy Vote Tee

Courtesy of VOTE.

When it starts to get chilly outside, throw this Vote Sweatshirt on over your Old Navy tee! You’ll be decked out in cute vote merch from head to toe no matter the weather.


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