Brian Austin Green Responds to Ex-Wife Vanessa Calling Him ‘Sad’

Welp, Brian Austin Green’s reaction to Vanessa Marcil’s “angry” and “sad” comments is, according to him, pretty “sangry.” That’s a new one! The 47-year-old Beverly Hills, 90201 alum made up the phrase on Thursday, September 24’s episode of his podcast, where mocked his ex-fiancée’s description of him as a “very angry/sad human being” from earlier in the month. At the time, 51-year-old Marcil made headlines for calling out his “traumas” on Instagram.

Green, who recently split from model Tina Louise following his highly-publicized divorce with Megan Fox, parodied Marcil’s observation. “I’m just angry. … I’m angry and I’m sad all the time. And I just don’t know what to do about it. I’m more angry today, I don’t know why,” Green teased. “My temper, it’s legendary. … If you check around the industry, I’m known as the angry, sad guy. And the diva on set.” Later in the With Brian Austin Green episode, titled “Sangry,” the actor scrutinized Marcil’s choice of words: “They’re just complete opposites, being angry and sad, like, they don’t seem like they would mix together,” he said.

On Friday, September 11, the General Hospital alum posted a throwback photo in memory of the World Trade Center attacks, where she was pictured with Green and visibly pregnant with their son, Kassius, now 18. After a fan commented suggesting that she still “loved” Green, Marcil shut down the rumor—and then some. The actress said that she actually “never loved him,” and was “always honest with him about that.”

“That was part of his anger towards me and so the reason why he fought me for so long knowing it would hurt our son & change our son forever,” she wrote, referencing their 13-year long custody battle over Kassius. “I did however feel sorry for him. I still do. He’s a very angry/sad human being who still has too much shame to take full responsibility for his actions as a father. I consciously knew that I could work through childhood traumas through him and I have. I have great empathy towards him and other people who are still in pain from their childhoods.”

During his September 24 podcast episode, Green’s cohost, Derek Russell, chimed in to mock Marcil’s comment that she “never loved” Green in the first place. “I’ve been there for you every step of the way, but I never loved you, Brian,” Russell said, sarcastically. “I never loved you.” To which Green replied, “That’s a shame!”

Since Green’s split with ex-wife Fox in May, Marcil has since come forward to praise the Jennifer’s Body star for moving on from him with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.”Respect for how @meganfox is finally living her life for herself & leaving her children out of her public life at this young age,” she wrote, referencing Fox and Green’s three children—Noah, 7, Bodhi, 6, and Journey, 4. “Megan finally living her life for herself is in itself a gift to her children.”

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