The Best Exfoliating Loofahs That You Can Buy on Amazon

Not only your face needs exfoliation. The rest of your skin does, too. But it’ll only take an extra minute (or two) of your time. The best place to exfoliate your dry, dull skin is in the shower. The shower provides much-needed moisture to your skin, softening it, which makes it primed for some gentle exfoliation. Besides, you just need one tool to do it. Every gal should have a reliable loofah at her disposable. We aren’t talking about those cheap plastic ones that just move soap around on your skin. That beauty tool is an exfoliating loofah, which is specifically designed to wash away the bad bacteria that you collected while going about your day and slough off dead skin cells.

We found the best exfoliating loofahs for you. Made out of natural and eco-friendly materials, these loofahs are good for your skin and the environment. They use what Mother Nature has to offer, like activated charcoal, to give your skin a good rub down. If you want a low-maintenance fix for your dry skin, just change up your loofah, add your favorite soap to it, lather it up and start scrubbing.

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1. Egyptian Shower Loofah

If you’ve been frustrated with your dry, dull skin, this loofah can help you out. This natural loofah doesn’t contain any toxins, is hypoallergenic and boasts an eco-friendly design. While some sponges can be too harsh or not exfoliating enough, this loofah is just right. It’ll remove dead skin cells gently, leaving you with more moisturized skin. It also has a loose-weave which promotes lots of lathering. With this set, you get three large loofahs.


2. Ecotools Exfoliating Ecopouf

You can feel good about picking up this shower loofah. The recycled netting on this loofah, which is vegan and cruelty-free, is designed to slough away dead skin cells, allowing your renewed cells to flourish. The loofah might feel a little rough on your skin, but that’s because it’s doing its job. You get two blue poufs, two green poufs and two pink poufs in this six-loofah set.

Ecotools Exfoliating Ecopouf


3. Large 70g Loofah Sponge

This loofah has activated charcoal from a bamboo plant in it. Activated charcoal is known for purifying your skin and removing any toxins, making you feel truly clean when you step out of the shower. The nylon sponge covers a large surface area and helps you exfoliate your skin quickly. This set is also designed for those with allergies and sensitive skin in mind. The sponge is hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate your skin. You get three black and green sponges in this set.

Large 70g Loofah Sponge


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