Artem Chigvintsev Gushes Over Nikki Bella as New Mom, Says Wedding Is ‘Definitely Soon’

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev are ready for week two of “Dancing with the Stars” after coming in second on the leaderboard. The duo talked to “Extra’s” Terri Seymour.


Kaitlyn and Artem

Kaitlyn said, “We’re having fun and working hard.” And getting noticed after Lady Gaga said on social media their dance to “Stupid Love” moved her to tears. Artem reacted, “Crazy, right?” Kaitlyn quipped, “Check that one off the bucket list.”

As for next week, Bristowe said, “We have to have room for improvement and we will impress them more each week.”

Artem shared what they will perform: “It’s going to be a ballroom dance… Fox-trot, very elegant, classy, and we’re going to test the waters how that works for us.”

Having said he wanted the Mirrorball Trophy for baby Matteo’s nursery, he added, “That would be a win-win situation. He would be very happy to get a Mirrorball Trophy.”

Gushing over his newborn with fiancé Nikki Bella, he said, “It’s always hard to leave him, especially when he is being super cuddly and smiling and all happy… He’s been amazing… I just want to make him proud. I’m doing it for him.”

Sharing that Matteo “brings so much joy, I still can’t believe he is mine,” Artem said, “[Nikki has] been a crazy amazing mom… We were supposed to take classes and stuff but because of COVID we couldn’t… We’re not as prepared as we wanted to be.”

Kaitlyn added, “She went into mom mode.” Artem insisted, “It does exist. She is such a trouper. She has to wake up to feed the him… When I get home, I try to be as much help as I can… She’s an amazing mom.”

As for when he and Nikki will tie the knot, Terri speculated it will be after he wins the Mirrorball. Artem said, “Yes!” adding, “We don’t want to do the wedding with masks… Want to do it when things get better… Definitely soon.”

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