Weekly Horoscope September 21-28 2020: Happy Fall Equinox!

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Welcome to your weekly horoscope for September 21-28 2020, and happy fall equinox! With a ton of energy shifting this week, get ready for a turbulent couple days. On Tuesday, the amount of daylight and darkness will be the same, as the equinox brings a balance between the light and the dark. Unsurprisingly, this is also the same day that the sun enters Libra, the sign all about balance and harmony (it’s symbolized by the Scales for a reason!).

After leaving behind grounded and practical Virgo, we feel a new energy of harmony, fairness, and friendliness in airy and polite Libra. We may find ourselves raging against the injustices of the world. Breezy air sign Libra is open-minded, so even our most strongly held beliefs are open for second-guessing. This also means that thoughts and energies may be flighty as well.

However, just after the sun (planet of ego and self) enters the sign of the Scales, Mercury (planet of communication) leaves the sign for mysterious and alluring Scorpio on Sunday, and we’re focused on diving deep and getting to the truth in all conversations.

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If said conversations involve the aforementioned injustices of the world, go into them with an open heart, but an educated mind. Read up—try It’s Time to Talk (and Listen): How To 


How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week



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Libra season begins on Tuesday, which means that the sun will be in your sister sign for the next four weeks. With the sun and Mercury hanging out in your sector of partnership, you’re feeling very flirty. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or already in a committed relationship, attraction and partnerships are key.

Use this week as an opportunity to start new relationships. Whether they are romantic, platonic, or strictly business, they will bring a lot of joy to your life. This is also a great time to mend relationships that have become strained, because everyone is forgiving and willing to give second chances right now.

You’ll notice a shift in communication style starting on Sunday when Mercury leaves easy, breezy Libra for intense and brooding Scorpio. Mercury, now in your sector of intimacy, means conversations will become deeper as you get to know people on a different level.



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New energy hits you differently when the sun leaves earth sign Virgo for airy Libra on Tuesday. While many signs will enjoy this breath of fresh air, it might be a good idea to stay on your toes during the next four weeks because indecisive Libra will shine a light on all your carefully laid plans and try to blow them all way off course.

Don’t forget that Venus is still hanging out in Leo and your family sector. The sun and Mercury in Libra keep the peace for now, but there’s something brewing under the surface. Use this time to mend any family relationships before Sunday or else some drama could ruin your fall fun.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday, moving the planet of communication to your sector of relationships. For the next few weeks you’ll be delving below the surface and getting real about your feelings.



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It’s officially sweater weather because the first day of fall is Tuesday. You probably already have your cute autumn outfits planned out for when you go on all your fall dates (even virtual ones). Apple picking, hayrides, all the pumpkin spice lattes you can drink. You feel great because the sun is in Libra, a fellow air sign, making life a breeze.

With the sun and Mercury in your sector of pleasure and fun, this week is going to be great! You feel extra creative, romantic, and sexy as you fully embrace your fun-loving spirit. It’s easy to express your wants and desires, and your confidence is through the roof. Enjoy it all, Gemini!

However, life gets a little heavy again when Mercury enters intense Scorpio on Sunday. Everyone is acting so serious when you just want to have fun and eat apple cider donuts. Well, it was fun while it lasted!




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The fall equinox on Tuesday is the same day Libra season starts, giving you a renewed focus on balance. If you’ve been experiencing heavy moods and emotions, this can be a good time to let some lightness into your life. Hang out with friends, take a walk, get a fun sweater—anything that makes you feel good is worth doing.

With the start of the new season, you have a unique opportunity for a new beginning. Now that both the sun and Mercury are in your family sector, it might be time for a renewed focus on domestic affairs. This week is a good time to seriously consider starting (or adding to) your family.

Mercury enters fellow water sign Scorpio on Sunday. This is great for you because you can’t stand the superficiality of Mercury in Libra. You can now express your feelings in deep conversations for the next few weeks, Cancer.



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Libra season starts on Tuesday, giving your life an extra boost of charm and romance. You can sweet-talk your way in and out of anything, from getting a hot date to getting an extension on an important project at work. After a long month, you finally feel balanced and your energies recharged.

The sun is in your communication sector, and Mercury is until Sunday, encouraging your flirtatious side. It also helps that Venus is in your sign as well, making you very attractive to those around you. You can express yourself easily, and one simple word could make anyone fall in love with you.

By Sunday, however, your words become weighed down with the intensity of Mercury in Scorpio. Suddenly, people try to see through your charms to find the hidden meaning in your words, even if there isn’t one. Be mindful of what you say, Leo.



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All good things must come to an end, Virgo, and this is especially true for you when the sun leaves your sign for bubbly Libra on Tuesday. Now that you’re no longer the center of attention, take the rest of the week to do some self-care and recharge your emotional batteries. Balance is the key to good mental health.

The sun and Mercury are in your financial sector for most of the week, so it’s very important to get your spending and saving in order if you haven’t already. Balance your checkbook and put some more money into your savings account. However, if you see some great boots, it’s okay to treat yourself!

Continue to practice self-care when Mercury moves into intense and mysterious Scorpio on Sunday. Take some time over the weekend to read a good book, write in your journal, and be alone with your thoughts.



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Welcome to your season, Libra! As the sun enters your sign on Tuesday (the same day as the fall equinox) you start to feel energized and ready to take on anything. For the next few weeks you have every opportunity to live your best life, so enjoy it!

Until Sunday, the planets are aligned to make this the best week ever, with the sun and Mercury in your sign and Venus still in favorable Leo. If you’re single now, chances are you won’t be for long. If you’re in a committed relationship, expect to get extra romantic with your partner as the sparks fly. Either way, you have some fun fall dates in your future.

However, when the weekend rolls around, Mercury leaves your sign and moves into obsessive and controlling Scorpio, dampening your good vibes. Try to find ways to balance the lightness with the heaviness when speaking.



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Tuesday is the first day of autumn, and it’s the fall equinox, when light and dark share equal time in the sky. The sun enters Libra that day, emphasizing the need for balance, which for you means learning to let the light into your life. Allow yourself to indulge in some fun activities like heading to a pumpkin patch or enjoying some apple cider. You won’t lose your edgy reputation just because you went apple picking!

The sun and Mercury are in your sector of privacy for the rest of the week, bringing an almost romantic vibe to your need for solitude and hidden emotions. However, don’t hide your feelings because you think it makes you more interesting. It’s all about balance, Scorpio.

Fortunately, Mercury enters your sign on Sunday, making it easier to get your point across to others and speak your truth. People will understand you better now.



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A new season means new opportunities for romance, fun, and adventure as the sun enters lighthearted Libra on Tuesday, making you feel easygoing and peaceful for the new few weeks. If things are going well in the moment, you know that sunnier days are on the way.

The sun and Mercury are in your friendship sector for the rest of the week, making you more sociable and eager to help others. Friendships become easier as discourse flows more smoothly. This is the perfect time for long phone calls or going on adventures. Have fun, Sagittarius!

However, you’ll feel the need to take a break and stay home as Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday. Don’t feel like you have to give anyone a reason why you’ve gotten a little quiet. You don’t have to share your secrets with everyone. Take the weekend to recharge your social batteries.



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The sun enters harmonious Libra on Tuesday, and balance becomes the key to your overall happiness this month. You’ve been working so hard over the last few weeks that you’re just about burned out. If you keep working at the pace you’re going, Capricorn, you could face some negative consequences in your relationships, work, and overall health.

The sun and Mercury are in your career sector for the rest of the week, making work a breeze. This gives you a unique opportunity to take it easy and not spend every single night working. Take a mental health day and go for a nice walk in the park to admire the autumn leaves. It will improve your mood completely.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday, giving you some relief—you couldn’t stand the insincerity and superficiality of Mercury in Libra. You’ll finally get to the heart of some very important issues!



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Tuesday is looking like a wonderful day for you. The sun enters Libra and it’s the fall equinox, already making the day romantic. The day is filled with an easygoing, harmonious energy that will spread out over the next four weeks. Enjoy living in a rom-com, Aquarius!

The planets are showing their favoritism for the rest of the week because most of them are in harmonious positions, with the sun and Mercury in Libra, Venus in Leo, and Mars in Aries. Until Sunday, you have the power and energy to achieve anything you set your mind to, from starting a relationship to succeeding in your career. It’s also a good time to take a trip, even it’s a virtual one.

Mercury enters moody Scorpio on Sunday, killing your chill vibe a little as you overanalyze what everyone is saying. Romance will still be fun, but conversations will become deeper.


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Romance is in the air on Tuesday as the sun enters lovely Libra on the first day of autumn. You’re already fantasizing about all the fun fall dates you could go on and who you might be going with. However, don’t get so lost in your daydreams that you lose sight of reality. Libra tends to fill our heads with promises that never come true, so keep your expectations low, Pisces.

The sun and Mercury will be in your sector of intimacy for the rest of the week, shining a light on some of your close relationships. Bonds are easily formed during this time, but it’s also easy to let go of old habits. Change is effortless; making it stick is the hard part.

However, you get to the truth when Mercury enters fellow water sign Scorpio on Sunday. This is when people reveal their true intentions and honesty flows freely.


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