Did Someone Say Armpit Detox?

Did Someone Say Armpit Detox?

At some point in life, you’ve heard and probably partaken in a detox of sorts. Here’s one that suggests going cold turkey on deodorants and antiperspirants in favour of natural formulas.


My initiation to the realm of natural deodorants came way early in life. In fact, the first deodorant I was ever introduced to by mommy dearest. It was a crystal deodorant stone. As a tween, I couldn’t wrap my head about the mechanics of a crystal deodorant stone. I did as the instructions read: wet the stone before application. Yet, it felt like nothing on the skin. Didn’t smell like much either. And I was convinced it didn’t do anything to keep the waft of teen spirit at bay.

It wasn’t all that long before I abandoned the woo-woo deodorant stone for regular drugstore antiperspirants, which, no doubt were far more effective right off the bat. As they should be granted the aluminum laden formulas meant to plug the sweat glands. Hence, you perspire less and consequentially, smell less like rancid cheese.

In the past, there might not have been many of us who squint to make sense of the ingredients listed in fine print at the back of labels. How many of you are today years old in discovering that there’s a difference between an antiperspirant and deodorant? The former stops perspiration by clogging your sweat glands, while, the latter neutralises body odour.

It’s a terrifying thought – what can aluminum possibly do to your body after years of accumulating in the blood? The glands? Scientifically, the studies aren’t conclusive. However, the possibilities as listed on Dr.Google were enough to take me back to rediscovering au natural deodorants.

The trick with natural deodorants is sticking through with them. Think of your old deodorants as a bandaid over a wound. When you rip it off, the wound would gush blood. In the same way, toxins would when you wean off the old deodorant formula your body has grown accustomed to. Readjusting takes time. To ease into natural deodorants, exfoliate your armpits regularly. You might not have ever heard of that one before but I’m telling you, it works!

Alternatively, you could just wait it out. Take full advantage of an empty social calendar by way of a deodorant detox, will you?

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