Ariel Winter Pink Hair Photos: See The Shocking Cotton Candy Color

Looks like Ariel Winter has moved on from her platinum blonde hair, as she recently posted photos on Instagram of her latest dye job—a deliciously cute shade of cotton candy-esque pink. Ariel Winter’s pink hair is certainly a different vibe from her Game-Of-Thrones style ‘do from just a few months ago. But the ‘Modern Family’ star is sticking to her promise to stay away from darker hues. “I’m not going to have dark hair again unless somebody pays me to have dark hair again,” she told STYLECASTER back in April.

Winter strikes a few cute poses on her Instagram, showing off her flirty root-to-tip pink dye job with the caption, “Pinkie Pie spotted in the wild on Labor Day: a slideshow 🎀.” Looks like the long weekend agreed with Winter as she flashed her abs in a cropped white tee and jean shorts, aka our summer uniform. Even though the hue makes sense for the last bit of summer, we’d be surprised if she keeps it heading into fall. Fall is typically synonymous with darker, richer and warmer hair colors. Cotton candy pink is a huge departure for PSL season.

Winter has been having fun switching up her hair lately, after a two year period of giving her tresses a break. “I’ve always just loved to experiment with my hair,” she said. But at a certain point, Winter realized, “I fried my hair,” after dying it black for 13 years to play Alex Dunphy.

We’re glad Winter is back to switching things up and serving up all the hair color inspiration we need. Although, we’re hoping we get to see her natural shade sometime soon. “I’m naturally blonde, which people are always surprised by,” she revealed. Raise your hand if you were today years old when you found out Ariel Winter is a natural blonde.

Her hair color might be changing on the regular, but don’t expect the same from the actress herself. “I think my personality is the same, regardless of what hair color I have,” she said.

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