The Best Cute Coffee Mugs That You Can Buy on Amazon

If you’re a groggy mess until you have your first three sips of coffee, you certainly aren’t alone. Caffeine makes the world go round, and many of us don’t feel ourselves without it. Your mild addiction doesn’t mean that you are stuck drinking out of boring white mugs or leftover mugs you picked up from college. You’ve repped your alma mater for long enough. It’s time to freshen up your mug collection. Instead of choosing to start your day with a super serious mug, treat yourself to some cute coffee mugs.

“Cute” is relative, but we tried to pick some mugs that would bring a smile to everyone’s face. And because we know everyone can appreciate a good reveal, we picked two surprise mugs that will delight you and your guests. Our other pick is on-trend, but it’s so stylish and chic that you’ll want to keep it in your mug rotation for years to come. No matter your aesthetic, whether you prefer adorable, cartoon animals or like showing off your star chart any chance you get, we’ve got something for you below.

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1. Panda Surprise 3D Coffee Mug

As you sip on your cup of joe or tea, a small ceramic figurine will slowly appear. When you’re down to your dregs, you’ll spot the light animal that was taking a dip in your cup—in this case, it’s a panda. The surprise mug is hand-crafted, yet it’s both microwave and dishwasher safe. If you don’t prefer pandas, there are plenty of options, including a baby monkey, baby mouse, chick, dog, duck, horse and lucky cat.

Courtesy of luckyse.

2. Marbling Ceramic Coffee Mug

Whether you’re new to the marble trend or you’ve already amassed quite the marble collection, you’ll want to invest in these super cute mugs. With the ability to hold 13 oz. of coffee or tea, these mugs will make a vibrant addition to your morning routine. They’re both dishwasher and microwave safe, so you don’t have to spend time hand-washing. The mugs also come in a rich gray marble and pale blue marble.

Marbling Ceramic Coffee Mug

Courtesy of Smarlin.

3. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Heat Changing Constellation Mug

If you start the day by opening your Co-Star app or checking your chart, you should translate your love of astrology to your morning routine. These mugs are heat-activated, so when your mug is cold, you’ll get a view of the night sky. When it warms up, though, you’ll see all of the constellations in their rainbow-outlined glory. This cute mug is also fun to give to unsuspecting guests.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Courtesy of the Unemployment Philosophers Guild.

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