The 3 Diverse Singaporean Labels Making Waves in the International Fashion Circuit

The 3 Diverse Singaporean Labels Making Waves in the International Fashion Circuit

From amassing a million followers on the ‘gram, being the go-to for Tinseltown’s stars and being stocked at the mecca of streetwear labels across the globe, these are the Singaporean helmed brands making waves in the international fashion circuit.


Given the sheer number of fashion houses that exist across the world and our unbridled access to them, most of us are quick to look overseas when we’re satiating our need to shop. It’s ever so rarely that we seek out designers from the little red dot.

Most of us are guided (or rather, misguided) by the inherent assumption that the local fashion scene has not much to offer. And pit against the international designer set, they simply don’t stand a chance. Now, hold that thought.

While the size of the industry here might inherently pale in comparison, there are Singaporean helmed labels that are making waves across our shores. These brands have gone as far as winning the approval of even Tinseltown’s A-listers. As we get a little extra patriotic this time of the year as the nation celebrates its birthday, we look at three Singaporean helmed brands that make our hearts sing with pride in the fashion circuit.


Even if you were unacquainted with womenswear and menswear Djozchen, a quick stroll through the label’s Instagram page peppered with celebrities will have you know that the label is one to know. Counting the likes of Shawn Mendes, Robert Downey Jr., Janelle Monae, and Ciara amongst an extensive list of Tineseltown clientele, Djozchen has gradually risen in the ranks as a household name in Hollywood. Conceived in 2013 by Singapore-born designer Chelsea-Scott Blackhall, the climb to success was no less than an uphill journey.

Initially a denim brand, it took Blackhall years of cutting her teeth in the industry before eventually finding her footing. It was not until two years ago that Djozchen landed itself on the map amongst other prominent names in the luxury fashion circuit after a complete overhaul. Since having found its sweet spot in the industry, the brand has seen exponential growth. Showing no signs of slowing down, it wouldn’t be a bold claim to say that Blackhall is only now really getting started.


There is very little evidence that points to O-mighty’s origins from the little red dot but if you’ve been in the know, the name would ring familiar. Conceived a little over a decade ago, O-mighty started out as, what we used to then call, a blogshop. Then,  expanding into retail spaces at two of Singapore’s hip shopping destinations from way back when. In the years that followed, the brand eventually shuttered its physical stores, moving back into the digital space that it was born out of. Over the years it’s only become more apparent that the internet is where the tongue-in-cheek, kitschy brand thrives. Speaking of which, it’s then little wonder that the brand counts an impressive following of a million on the ‘gram. And amongst them is badgalriri – yes, THE badgalriri.

The Salvages

The brainchild of local streetwear maven Earn Chen, The Salvages holds a firm place as the most prominent local streetwear label in the international circuit. Not only is the label stocked at Dover Street Market boutiques – the mecca of high street and avant-garde names in fashion – across the globe, it has also won the seal of approval from a member of Blackpink, the world’s biggest Kpop girl group sensation of late. The label’s ineffably cool catalogue of t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters instantaneously up one’s street cred – a considerable feat on all counts.

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