rugs on walls – Wait, You Need This


I’m crazy about rugs on walls right now. Let’s all skip the gallery walls and headboards and hang rugs over our credenzas and beds, shall we? It’s more than just pretty, it’s practical! Here’s why…

  • Gallery walls are overdone. A rug can cover the same surface area with one fell swoop.
  • Once you’ve picked out the perfect print, framing can be pricey. I like the idea of instead investing in a versatile rug that can be used on  the wall now, and the floor later.
  • A rug is so much more interesting than a boring wooden headboard, don’t you think?
  • You can go smaller with a rug that you’re planning to hang than if you’re trying to cover a lot of ground. Rugs can be super expensive, so using one as a wall hanging in lieu of the usual floor covering is a smart way to add the same interest and texture you’re looking for with a much smaller price tag!


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