Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds to Make It Look Like You Redecorated

So, your house or apartment is a hot mess—You’re definitely not alone. In these weird times of social distancing and working from home, it can be difficult to find time to clean up, organize or make it look like your home is your regular office. If you’re having to video chat in the midst of all the chaos, however, you’re going to want to try out one of these home interior Zoom backgrounds. Not only are they ridiculously cute, but they’ll hide the fact that you haven’t picked up your laundry from the floor in approximately two weeks. Everyone you work with will be impressed with how clean and impeccably decorated your home is—and you won’t even have to get up from your chair.

From the coziest of fireplace moments to home offices worthy of spreads in Architectural Digest, home interior Zoom backgrounds are here to make your life a little bit more beautiful. Who needs to spend thousands of dollars redecorating when you can just have a new virtual home? (OK, so we’ve still got the itch to redecorate, but these backgrounds help alleviate it a little bit.) Prepare for everyone to compliment your incredible taste in home decor once they see you sitting in front of one of these amazing Zoom backgrounds. It’s up to you if you want to tell them the truth. What happens on Zoom stays on Zoom, am I right?!

Below, you’ll find 13 chic home decor Zoom backgrounds ready to make any video chat a seriously cute one. And hey, maybe you’ll even get some ideas on how to actually design your home once social distancing is over. If having to stay in your home for days on end doesn’t make you want to redecorate, I don’t know what will. In the meantime, you can live through these virtual homes.


1. A Book-Filled Home Office

Hygge & West.

This is honestly the ideal (virtual) home office situation. I mean, look at all those books!


2. A Modern Blanche’s Bedroom from Golden Girls

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | Golden Girls Blanche bedroom


Modsy has done us all a favor and created modern versions of some iconic television rooms. This Zoom background of Blanche’s bedroom is too cute to pass up.


3. A Cozy Hammock Situation

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | sunroom hammock


Odds are you’re feeling relaxed just looking at this sunroom.


4. A Modern Carrie Bradshaw’s Bedroom

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | Sex and the City Carrie's bedroom


Finally you can live your Sex and the City dreams with this modern version of Carrie Bradshaw’s bedroom.


5. Cozy Cabin in the Woods

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | cozy fireplace living room

Hygge & West.

This cozy cabin Zoom background will make you feel like you’re off in the wilderness away from all the chaos.


6. A Chic Wallpapered Background

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | green wallpapers

Hygge & West.

OK, but, can we make our real homes look this adorable, please?


7. An Adorable Kitchen

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | blue kitchen


Working from this kitchen IRL would be a dream come true—but we’ll settle for this virtual one.


8. A Cozy Fireplace Moment

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | fireplace cozy living room


Grab a glass of wine and pretend that this cozy wine cellar is actually in your home.


9. A Modern Rory & Lorelai Gilmore’s Living Room

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | Gilmore Girls living room


Where you lead, I will follow…into this modern version of the Gilmore’s living room.


10. A Cute Little Kitchen Nook

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | kitchen nook


Breakfast and a quick work Zoom meeting in this cozy nook doesn’t look so bad.


11. A Modern Rachel & Monica’s Apartment

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | Friends Rachel's apartment


The one where you get to feel like you’re starring in a Friends episode.


12. The Coolest Poolside Set-Up

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | Pool decor

Hygge & West.

OK, so this one isn’t necessarily indoors, but who could resist such a beautiful poolside set-up?


13. Aesthetically Pleasing Book Shelves

STYLECASTER | Home Interior Zoom Backgrounds | colorful book shelves


There’s nothing more pleasing to look at than color-coordinated books.

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