9 Free Zoom Backgrounds to Hide the Fact You’re Still in Pajamas

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In-person meetings are a thing of the past—It’s all coming up Zoom, now. For those of you having to lead or attend meetings while working from home, you’ll know Zoom is the new black. And spending hours upon hours hanging out (or, like, actually conducting business) on Zoom is truly all the reason you need to consider spicing up your video chats with these free Zoom backgrounds. This video-chatting service is quickly replacing Skype, FaceTime and the like, so we might as well lean into it and have a little fun.

In case you missed it and are seriously confused right now, Zoom is a video conferencing service that businesses (and friends) across the nation use to hold meetings or just hang out. It can truly be used for anything from meetings with 100 people to one-on-one virtual date nights. The possibilities are endless—and so are the backgrounds. Most Zoomers (that is, those of us who use Zoom) now know that you can add your own custom backgrounds to your video chat screen. You could sit in front of beautiful scenes of nature or a bunch of puppies—Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Personally, I like to think of Zoom backgrounds as an opportunity to express how you’re really feeling to your BFF or work spouse while you work from home or social distance. You can use clouds to show that you’re just not paying attention at all to whatever is going on or some beautiful rock imagery to signal that it’s time for a drink (on the rocks, of course). However you choose to use these free Zoom backgrounds, though, there’s no doubt they’ll add a little fun into whatever meeting you have up next.

1. Head In the Clouds

STYLECASTER | Free Zoom Backgrounds | bright clouds

Miguel Á. Padriñán/Pexels.

If you’ve been starting to drift off into a daydream during meetings, this free Zoom background might be the one for you. You could even use it as a signal between you and your work spouse to let the other know you are so over this four-hour budget report meeting.

2. Deserted Island

STYLECASTER | Free Zoom Backgrounds | deserted island


Since it kind of feels like we’re all on our own deserted islands right now, we might as well make it look like it! Just make sure your roommate or partner doesn’t come into frame and shatter the ~illusion.~

3. On the Rocks

STYLECASTER | Free Zoom Backgrounds | brown rocks


Maybe I just like backgrounds that can be used as secret code? Use this beautiful rock scenery to signal to your work BFF that it’s time to break out the liquor. (Get it? On the rocks?! I’ll see myself out.)

4. Coffee Shop Dreaming

STYLECASTER | Free Zoom Backgrounds | coffee shop


Use this coffee shop background to make it feel like you’re surrounded by others instead of alone with your cat all day! Bonus points if you use it while also drinking a cup of coffee.

5. Life Imitates Art

STYLECASTER | Free Zoom Backgrounds |


Give yourself a break from reality and hope into this abstract painting. Because even if you haven’t changed out of those sweatpants for four days, you’re still a work of art.

6. A (Concert)ed Effort

STYLECASTER | Free Zoom Backgrounds | concert


I know, I know—Enough with the puns. But this concert background is perfect for a quick music or dance break or an excuse to pretend you didn’t hear what someone said. (“Sorry, it’s just sooo loud at this concert right now.”)

7. Wash! Your! Hands!

STYLECASTER | Free Zoom Backgrounds | hand washing in water


Give everyone a friendly reminder to wash their hands immediately after the meeting is over. How can they ignore the giant hands behind you?

8. It’s a Dog Eat Dog World



Puppies are the answer to everything—Full stop.

9. At the Office

STYLECASTER | Free Zoom Backgrounds | office desks


If you’re really starting to miss the office scenery—or know that everyone is just tired of the blank white wall behind you—opt for this chic office background. If you squint, you can almost see Karen from HR walking in the background. Ah, simpler times.

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