Summer weekend adventure β€” DearMilano

As many of you already know from my Instagram Stories, I had the opportunity to drive and try the Toyota C-HR for a weekend adventure!

I woke up early on a Friday to make my way to the Toyota warehouse. I was about to pick up the car I was driving for the weekend and realized this was my first time ever having a car in New York. Shocking, right!? So I thought to myself, where do I want to go? The possibilities are endless when you’re in New York.

I was very lucky to have friends at The Hamptons on Friday, so we drove from Manhattan to the beach on a fun day trip. It was so exciting to drive a diamond-like exterior car that is basically designed to shine from every angle! Literally, shine bright like a diamond!Β 

So we went after our summer adventure and two hours later, we were at The Hamptons. The 8-in. touch-screen audio display made it very easy to control the music during the road trip. You know, music is very important when you’re driving for hours. The whole trip we were singing our hearts out, but who doesn’t!Β 

The Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control made the drive so much easier thanks to the system designed to detect the speed and distance of the vehicle traveling directly ahead of you and adjusting your speed accordingly. It helped us maintain a preset following distance to keep us safe.Β 

My plan was to photoshoot some looks during the weekend and the Standard 60/40 split rear seats were perfect to transport all my looks and outfits from Brooklyn to Hamptons. Sometimes you have to change clothes in the car while shooting so extra space is always appreciated!

We went back to Brooklyn and continued our adventure by exploring one of my favorite spots in Williamsburg: Domino Park. It was rainy during the weekend but since we had a car it didn’t matter! We could easily park close to the places we were going.Β One thing we liked about the Toyota C-HR was The Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. It helped us identify vehicles we didn’t see when changing lanes or backing out of parking spaces by illuminating a warning signal on the outside mirror. Very useful when it comes to parking in New York City!Β 

We finished our adventure in Chinatown because what better place to get food on a rainy Sunday? Also, it was the perfect excuse to wear my fabulous pink trench coat that I love to wear when the weather is gloomy. A pop of color driving around Manhattan!Β 

Maybe the weather was not great, but we still had a blast during the weekend and I seriously can not wait for the day I get a Toyota C-HR not only for the weekend,Β but for my every day life in New York!Β 

I hope you enjoy these beautiful images we captured during the weekend.

As always, sending you all my love!



Summer Weekend Adventure Sponsored by Toyota

Photographed by James Nord in Hamptons &Β 

Felipe Espinal in Brooklyn/Chinatown.Β 


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