Full Body Home Workout for Small Spaces 2020

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Whether you’re sharing a two-bedroom with four people or trying to make the most of a studio apartment, at-home workouts can be challenging, to say the least. Sure, you can comfortably lift a dumbbell and maybe fit in an upper-body stretch, but when your space is extremely limited, it’s much more feasible to take your exercise elsewhere. At the same time, we realize that not everyone is a fan of the gym, especially when social distancing is encouraged in the wake of a pandemic.

Contrary to popular belief, head-to-toe cardio and strength training are totally doable at home, sans tools (like a foam roller) and ample floor space. Ahead, celebrity fitness trainer Nicole Winhoffer shares four easy moves that’ll guarantee you break a sweat instead of getting restless.

STYLECASTER | Quick and Dirty Workout for a Small Space | Leg Extender

Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

Start by lying on your side, with one hip touching the floor. Cross your legs so one foot is resting in front of the other. Lift both legs together off the ground and open the knees and draw them toward your chest and stomach area. Your legs should resemble the shape of a butterfly. Hold for a second and extend the legs back out, while keeping them in the air. Repeat up to 50 times or until your legs tire out. As you’re pulling in and extending your legs, squeeze your gluteus maximus muscles and try to contract your vaginal muscles (a.k.a. Kegels) as well.

STYLECASTER | Quick and Dirty Workout for a Small Space | The Stomp

Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

Start in a bridge pose. Your butt should be lifted off the ground with legs parallel to each other and your arms extended straight up and down. The fingers should be facing forward and in the same direction as your toes. Step out each foot onto your heels and step back into your starting position. Get a rhythm going and continue this stepping in, stepping out action for the length of a song. Challenge yourself by extending the legs in different angles and at varying speeds.

STYLECASTER | Quick and Dirty Workout for a Small Space | The Stepper

Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

This dance-inspired move will definitely challenge your hand-eye coordination. Stand in an upright position. Start by extending one arm straight out to one side with the other folded across the chest and pointing in the same direction. Then fold them in and out to the opposite side in one smooth move. Continue to pulsate the arms from right to left.

As you’re continuing this arm movement, begin to march in place. Then step one foot out in front of you, followed by the other foot, which you will extend into a knee lift. Step back and repeat on the opposite leg. Combine both leg and arm moves together for a full-body, rhythmic stomp to target your legs and abs simultaneously. Keep moving through an entire fast-paced song.

STYLECASTER | Quick and Dirty Workout for a Small Space | The Cobra

Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

Stand straight with feet hip-distance apart. Bend one knee. Lift the arm of the same side of the bended knee with palm up and out, as if someone is about to hand you money. Reach the palm back and behind the shoulder to grasp the front of your foot. Take your other arm (on the opposite side) and reach it straight out in front of you at shoulder-height. Once you’re balanced, pulse your free arm and the connected arm and leg up and down. Continue these small pulses for a song or two to target the smaller muscles in your upper arms and upper legs.

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