The Masked Singer Recap Season 3, Episode 7: Stunning Reveal Floors Everyone

The world is not now nor will it ever be prepared for the unbelievable unmasking that took place this week on “The Masked Singer.”

It certainly got the biggest reaction from the panel we’ve seen yet, and even Nick Cannon had to admit he was more shocked than he’s been in three seasons so far. Oh, and in case you were worried, no one on the panel got it right … though one of them was ironically very, very close.

This week introduced fans to Group C, the final six performers to make up this crazy Season 3 journey. For three weeks it’s all about Astronaut, Bear, Night Angel, Rhino, Swan and T-Rex as they trim their numbers down to three, who will advance to the Super Nine.

Vocally, this is perhaps the weakest overall compared to the previous two groups, but there were a few gems along the way. But what they lacked in vocal prowess, they made up for in energy and surprising song choices.

While we weren’t blown away by incredible singing, we were still entertained from top to bottom. And we guarantee this week’s unmasking will be the most talked about this season so far, if not across all the seasons.

As always, the weakest performer got the boot, but we’re still going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love … to torture you.


Night Angel has been around for awhile doing this whole singing thing; she definitely knows how to command a crowd without running around or dancing. Instead, she does it with a lot of power moves and dramatic gestures. It’s the small things. She doesn’t sound like she’s usually rocking out to Bon Jovi, but her voice was more than up to the task, with a richness in texture that tell us she’s a seasoned vocalist.

Guesses: She spent her first clue package moving from door to door in a motel (with a #2 door key) where she found hardcore grandmas, guys with duck bils and dropped the phrase “my prerogative.”

The judges weren’t buying the British accent at all — neither were we, to be honest. Jenny cleverly took those grandmas as Grammys towards her guess of Monica, while Robin was thinking Taylor Dane, while Nicole considered Lil Kim.

The internet had a few theories, but one quicly emerged as their front-runner after the rest of us confirmed that there is no way it’s Stevie Nicks. Instead, Kandi Burruss is their hands-on favorite at this point.

They also agreed that her costume kind of terrifies them.


Bear dropped our jaws from the first note of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” We were not expecting her to go there. Look, this wasn’t a great rap performance, but it’s clear that she was having a lot of fun with the ridiculousness of this whole thing, even as we’re not sure she’s taking it at all seriously, even appearing to start laughing at one point … can you blame her?

Guesses: Her clue package inclued hunting references, media criticism, hockey skates, french fries, the fact she’s a mom and going “Live” on Saturday night. Could this be an “SNL” alum … or even current cast-member.

We were definitely getting a comedian vibe from song choice to delivery. Ken took all of those clues, though, and found Tonya Harding, which isn’t that bad of a guess, honestly, except we don’t remember Tonya being so lean.

Jenny noted the full house of cards, and thought Candace Cameron-Bure, while Robin picked up on that “SNL” clue and thought it might be Tina Fey. There were some on the internet who agreed with Tina and Cameron, though they were definitely having a hard time on this one.


Astronaut had a real shaky voice to kick off an ambitious take on Lauren Daigle’s “You Say,” which is a tall order for a short astronaut. The vocal fear tells us this is someone who knows they can sing (song choice) but doesn’t do it in front of people like this (the nerves). But he’s got a real gift and talent for it.

Guesses: The clue package was stuffed with image clues like a skeletal foot, broom, lei, and toolbox, while verbal clues included the phrases “pitch perfect” and “heart throbbing.” Then, he told us he got his start at a young age, so we’re thinking child actor with a voice of gold looking for their next chapter (or already on it).

Ken Jeong took the clues to Josh Hutcherson, while Jenny’s boy band suggestion dropped his head immediately. She’s thinking Lance Bass, but Astronaut didn’t seem to like it. He perked up immediately at Zac Efron, but what if it’s Frankie Muniz (for our random guess)?

The internet almost immediately reached a consensus on this one, though, based solely on his voice and they say that he is a well-known singer and artist: Hunter Hayes. If so, then why the nerves, Hunter? You got this.

But there were also guesses for Ben Platt, Lance Bass and even Tom Holland, so they’re enot ready to lock in on this one just yet.


T-Rex came out like a beast and never let up that energy level for one second. Vocally she wasn’t that great on P!nk’s “So What,” with several pitch issues and trouble with breath control, but she was clearly confident performing and getting absolutely crazy for the crowd, so she likes to entertain … or at least bring it.

Guesses:That energy level immediately had us thinking JoJo Siwa. She definitely has that same level of chaotic, youthful energy like almost no one else in the business, unless T-Rex is really ramping it up.

Jenny picked up on pirouette from the clue package to a similar result in Maddie Ziegler, also from “Dance Moms.” Other clues included highlighting “northwest,” that she was discovered by another among other like talents only to be cast away … kind of like JoJo was.

Also, Ken was way off because there was no way this was Kourtney Kardashian. Come on, man! Nicole thought the balloon “U” hinted at YouTube, so went with Rebecca Black, but she’s a stronger singer.

Oh, and as for the internet, they’re totally on board with our pick. Who else brings that level of energy and those spastic moves than the tall and wacky JoJo Siwa?


Rhino gave a pitch-perfect and surprisingly strong performance. He has a beautiful quality to his voice that was just effortless on this John Hiatt track. It was heartfelt and moving, even through a ridiculous costume. There wasn’t a lot of vocal range, but what he gave was effortless and showed a little power, even. He may not be a professional singer, but he’s definitely got a strong voice.

Guesses: Jenny almost ignored the athletic clues with her Jason Aldean guess, while Ken leaned into them to come up with Tim Tebow.

Clues included that he was on top of the world, “center stage,” as well as references to addiction, iced tea, bicycles and the Grand Ole Opry. He took a jump of faith to be on this show.

Nicole took that “faith” literally, thinking maybe Tim McGraw (who has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and is married to Faith Hill) might be under the mask.

Twitter was having a hard time on this one, with clues running across both country music and the world of sports. Hell, JoJo Siwa got a nod here, too, just because she’s tall and Rhino’s huge!


Swan sounded pleasant enough on “Fever” but the performance lacked all the passion and emotional depth of the track, making it a very poor karaoke version. She can hold a note and wasn’t too off-key, but the performance fell flat overall. It was, dare we say, just kind of dull, so this is definitely not a professional singer or performer in this way at all..

Guesses: She said she lives her life in overdrive and does everything fast (with an awkward giggle), while the clue package had ballet imagery; as well as a megaphone, ghost and vampire teeth; while she rhymed about playing games and seeing shame.

Ken took the fangs to “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev, while Nicole things it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt, but she’s actually released music and while it’s been awhile, she should be better on the stage.

Robin went with Sarah Michelle Gellar, taking the fangs another direction, so they’re all thinking an actress with connections to supernatural shows.

While the internet isn’t sure, they’re feeling the same vibe with similar guesses, even throwing Kristen Stewart in for fun. And they definitely know they were not here for that performance.


The vocals weren’t as strong across the board in this group as with Groups A and B, but if we had to pick one who dropped the ball the most, it would probably be Bear or Swan or T-Rex. Bear powered through her rap, but it was not a great vocal or performance.

T-Rex was a wild woman out there, practically off the walls, but her vocals were very pitchy and she definitely was out of her element. On a night with several sub-par performances, it’s hard to predict where the audience will go.

On a season where vocal legends have been eliminated before the Gronk (we see you White Tiger!), it’s impossible to predict where the votes will fall. But we think her wacky energy and sheer entertainment value will save T-Rex, while Swan was at least not actively bad, spelling bad news for Bear.

That’s exactly what happened — well, we can’t be sure that T-Rex was on the brink — as Bear became the first casualty of this group. She certainly came out to have fun, but her giggling through her performance and the wackiness of it all tells us this was more a lark for her than a serious endeavor.

Can it truly be serious for anyone? Sure, it can. T-Pain had something to prove, and others have used it to heal themselves. You never know what can be a lifeline for someone.

Nicole pondered further to “Married… with Children,” and thought maybe Christina Applegate, while Jenny stood firm on Candace Cameron-Bure, but Ken went Candace adjacent to Jodie Sweetin.

But Robin was standing firm on Tina Fey, and we can’t help but think “SNL” as well. Just to be different our final guess was Amy Poehler, simply because we associate the two together, because we’re just not that creative. Call us Ken.

But wow, did no one see jut how close Robin was, while being so wrong. It was not Tina Fey, but someone Tina Fey famously portrayed on “SNL,” Governor Sarah Palin.

“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, that’s for sure,” she said. “But it’s all about fun, unity, this is all good. This is something that our country needs right now, too.”

Let’s just say the panel and Nick weren’t the only ones shocked by this reveal, either:

The madness continues on “The Masked Singer” next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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