Where to Shop the Pantsuits That Were Everywhere at Fashion Week

Where to Shop the Pantsuits That Were Everywhere at Fashion Week

If you have been keeping up with the street style set, the suits that were everywhere this season would not have escaped you. And if you’ve been wanting to hop on board the trend, here’s where to look.


Betsey Johnson will have you know that in the ’60s, pre-Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking suit, women could do drugs but not wear a pantsuit. Those days were wild – both in the sense of the rambunctious drug laced years and the flawed logic of pantsuits being exclusive to men. Thankfully, those days are past us. I’m forever grateful for sir Yves Saint-Laurent who made the bold, celebrated move to put a woman in a suit.

At this point, painsuits are a wardrobe staple. On the days you’re looking to serve executive realness, the panitsuit combination never fails. A woman in a broad-shouldered, double-breasted, straight-legged suit combination? You know she isn’t here to play. Take, Hilary Clinton, for instance. During her presidency campaign, Clinton basically doubled up as a spokesperson for suits, which were her choice of uniform at every public appearance.

Suits, in the conventional sense means business, corporate rigidity, and all work and no fun. But that’s the beauty of fashion, you always have options. Season after season, the suit gets reincarnated on the runways. At times, losing its boxy silhouette for one that cinches in at the waist; its rigidity softened by a relaxed fit and fabric; the austere hues of menswear replaced by vibrant pops of colour. You have a whole array of alternatives to consider to the traditional, boardroom appropriate two-piece. But starting with the stereotypical, you have the ones that look like they have been borrowed-from-the-boys.



Now, if you’re a girl who prefers to keep her wardrobe on the lighter side of life. Firstly, we completely feel you. There’s enough gloom looming over the world right now, we don’t have to perpetual look like we’re dressed for a funeral. And secondly, you could totally be a walking ray of sunshine in prints and vibrant pops of colour.



Then, there is the shorts suit combination a.k.a. what we like to call the business on top and (an almost) party at the bottom. It is the trend that has taken off since Daniel Lee introduced it take Bottega Veneta and now we can’t stop seeing it everywhere. Also, we love the juxtaposition of formality and the casual show of legs. Serious but not that serious.



And p.s. if you were wondering what shoes to wear with your suits, we also have some ideas for you here.

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