‘Bachelor’ 2020 Winner: Who Is Peter Weber Engaged to in Season 24?

Warning: Possible spoilers for The Bachelor season 24 ahead. The Bachelor 2020 winner for Peter Weber’s season has been a mystery ever since the finale preview shown in the first episode when Pilot Pete told his mom something so devastating that she throaty cried, “Bring her home to us.” Ten episodes later, and the identity of the woman who made Mama Weber cry still hasn’t been revealed. But that doesn’t mean that Bachelor Nation doesn’t have their theories.

Ahead of The Bachelor season 24 finale, we analyzed the Instagram clues that fans have used as evidence to determine Peter’s season’s winner. Some of these have been debunked already (shout out to Reality Steve), while others have yet to be disproven. (Could Peter really choose Kelley after he eliminated her?) For those who need a refresher, Peter’s final two are Madison and Hannah Ann. (He sent home Victoria F. before the “Women Tell All.”) Both Madison and Hannah Ann have had a strong relationship with Peter throughout his season, but Peter and Madison had a rough patch on the “Fantasy Suite Dates” episode after Madison told him that she’s virgin and gave him an ultimatum about her competitors: If Peter has sex with them, she will leave the competition. Peter, of course, has sex with both Hannah Ann and Victoria F. and tells Madison this. There’s some drama, she walks away from their dinner and she almost refuses his rose at the second-to-last Rose Ceremony.

What will happen next? Well, here are Bachelor Nation’s top theories. We ranked them from least to most believable.

Peter Chooses Victoria F.

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

You may be wondering: But wasn’t Victoria F. already eliminated? Hear us out: There are no rules. The past couple seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have broken the set format, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility for Peter to choose someone he eliminated. Plus, fans think there are clues based on Victoria F. and Peter’s “Women Tell All” interview. On the episode, Peter and Victoria F. talk about their relationship—in present tense, which made Redditors wonder if they’re back together. “And so, um, I really do feel good about our relationship,” Peter told Victoria F., according to a Reddit thread. Further, Redditors believe that’s why Chris Harrison, Peter and The Bachelor producers were “easy” on Victoria F., despite claims that she broke up her friends’ marriages. The “easy” interview would’ve made Victoria F. more likable, if Peter and her do end up together. Do we believe it? Nah. It’s a stretch. As much as we love a plot twist, this theory isn’t as believable as others on this list. Besides, Victoria F. told Peter on Instagram: “I’m excited to see where life takes you & I have all the respect in the world for you.” Doesn’t really sound like a couple who’s still together.

Peter Chooses Hannah Ann

The Bachelor - Hannah Ann

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

Hannah Ann was Peter’s First Impression Rose receiver, for those who remember the olden days. But did she win his season of The Bachelor? There are two clues for that: The first is Peter’s Venmo. According to fans, Hannah Ann and Peter are friends on Venmo. Also, Hannah Ann is the only contestant from Peter’s season to have a private Venmo. (Not even Madison has a private Venmo). Peter’s Venmo is also private, which leads fans to believe that the two have exchanged secret messages that may out them as an engaged couple.

The second clue is when Peter and Hannah Ann posted tropical-looking Instagrams around the same time, which led fans to believe that they were on vacation together. Hannah Ann posted a photo of her a seaside restaurant, while Peter posted a picture of right before he boarded a plane to a tropical location. The theory was debunked by Reality Steve, however, who pointed out that Hannah Ann’s photo was taken in St. Simons, Georgia, while Peter’s was taken on the way to the Virgin Islands, which means that they were not on vacay together. As for if we think Hannah Ann is Peter’s chosen one based on the Venmo clues alone, it’s possible! We don’t know what they have to hide. It could be nothing. But it could also be anything. The only downside is that—spoiler—Reality Steve confirmed that Peter doesn’t choose Hannah Ann in the final Rose Ceremony. (Cue the gasps.) But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t change his mind and choose her later.

Peter Chooses Kelley

The Bachelor - Kelley

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

This is a theory for the books, my friends. Kelley was eliminated in the final five and didn’t even attend the “Women Tell All.” (Reality Steve claims she wasn’t invited.) So, for the average viewer, it seems like she’s def out of the running to be Peter’s betrothed. The theory, which originated in fan forums and was first reported by Cosmo, claims that Kelley won Peter’s season because his mom, dad and brother all follow him on Instagram. Kelley is also the only contestant that Peter’s family follows on IG. They don’t even follow his final two: Madison and Hannah Ann, so you know there’s something up. Further, Kelley was in Los Angeles on the same day as “Women Tell All” was filmed. As we know, she didn’t attend, but theorists believe she was in L.A. to spend time with Peter, who lives there. Fans also believe that Kelley wasn’t at the “Women Tell All” because she will be revealed as Peter’s winner on the “After the Final Rose” episode. Some fans even believe that Kelley is pregnant given that she met Peter a month before his season filmed. Reality Steve, however, shut down the pregnancy rumors on his blog.

“My favorite is definitely “Peter got Kelley pregnant when they met before the show and that’s what Chris Harrison is telling him.” he wrote. “Really? When they met in AUGUST? You know, it’s March 4th right now, don’t you? This woman is 6 months pregnant?” He continued, “Stop it. Just stop. Save it. Peter is not with Kelley. Period. End of story.” The clues are telling, Steve…

Peter Chooses Madison

The Bachelor - Madison

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

Out of Peter’s finalists, Madison seems like the frontrunner. She met his parents on his first one-on-one date (so she likely has a strong enough relationship with his mom for Mama Weber to throaty cry about her), and fans are convinced that Madison is Peter’s No. 1 choice after he still gave her a rose despite her presenting him with an ultimatum. Another clue is that Madison was photographed filming something Bachelor-related in February. As we know, it couldn’t have been for The Bachelorette, as Clare Crawley was announced as the next lead. Fans think that Madison self-eliminated herself before the final Rose Ceremony, and Peter went after her to win her back. If this is true, Madison’s filming could be for some pick-up Bachelor scenes now that her relationship with Peter has taken a turn.

Peter Chooses No One

Bachelor 2020: Peter Weber

Image: ABC.

Could Pilot Pete be single after his season? Fans think that Peter chose no one in the final Rose Ceremony because of the way his season has been teased. Since the start, Peter has claimed that his season of The Bachelor will be the first spoiler-free season, which is true so far given that Reality Steve doesn’t know his winner. Chris Harrison also teased on the “Women Tell All” that no one—not even Peter—knows how his season will end, which leads us to a popular fan theory: Peter will choose his winner on “After the Final Rose.” We may not know Peter’s winner because she hasn’t been chosen yet. As for who he chooses on “AFR,” the popular theory is Madison given the clues that she self-eliminates and Peter goes after her. If we were to put money on who his mom is crying about in the finale previews, it’s Madison. But as of now, we’re almost certain that he goes home single after the final Rose Ceremony. Here’s to hoping that the live “After the Final Rose” has a good ending for him.

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