Jersey Shore Trailer Teases Snooki-Deena Meltdown at Angelina’s Wedding, JWoww-Pauly Hookup

The latest trailer for “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” documents the moment Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dedcided she was “f–king done with this show,” Deena Cortese vowing never to film with Angelina Pivarnick again, and Pauly D seemingly making his move on a finally divorced Jenni “JWoww” Farley.

Yes, Mike “The Situation” Sorretino will finally get released from prison and make his big return too, but the real drama kicks off when Jenni announces she’s “officially divorced” from Roger Mathews.

“When I get the green light, me and Jenni, we are going to hook up,” Pauly said confidently during a confessional, as footage flashed to Jenni telling Angelina she loved the DJ. “I know he has feelings for you,” Pivarnick said, as Pauly asked one of the guys, “Should I go in there and do it? I want to!”

Cut to Pauly climbing on top of Jenni, who was lying down in bed, and appearing to plant a big kiss on her lips! Angelina later told the camera she had been “waiting a very long time to see Pauly and Jenni hook up” and said she hoped it would happen at her wedding.

It’s important to note there’s zero mention of Jenni’s potentially on-again boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello in the teaser.

And now, the main event: the wedding. Angelina asked Nicole, Jenni and Deena to be bridesmaids, but what she didn’t expect was for them to roast her in front of all of her wedding guests during their speech. As Pauly noted, “The wedding started off perfect. I was like, ‘Aw, this is great!’ And then boom!”

Though the teaser shows only the aftermath of what was said, TooFab was told the girls jokingly referred to the bride as “the dump to our island” and “the trash bag to our house.”

After everyone booed Angelina’s co-stars in the footage, she angrily announced, “That was so f–ked up,” and stormed off. “I’m so mad right now. You guys don’t f–k with me now. Enough! I’m done!” Cameras captured the fuming newlywed shouting at what looked like a show producer, “Can you take your camera crew out of my f–king face?!”

Cue footage of the girls back at the table, trying to keep it together. Jenni wiped away tears, while Deena said she was “sick to my stomach.” Nicole insisted their speeches were “supposed to be funny! No one got it!” She also informed her friends that both Angelina and her new husband, Chris Larangeira, were crying outside.

“‘Cause of us?!” Jenni screeched. “Are you f–king kidding me?!” Nicole maintained she would “never intentionally try to ruin someone’s wedding.”

But the sadness soon turned to anger, as the next scene showed Deena holding an empty wine glass in one hand and pointing directly into the camera with the other. “I’m letting everybody know right now here,” she promised. “I will never film with her again.”

At the end of the preview, Nicole proclaimed, “I’m done with this f–king show. I’m done!”

“Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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