RHOA Recap Season 12 Episode 15: Marc Overrides Kenya, Invites NeNe to His Event

Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was all about couples not being on the same page.

At the top of the new hour, Cynthia Bailey and fiance Mike Hill had a conversation about his past infidelity. Last week, she met all his female friends, who made Mike out to be a former player. She decided to take a closer look at his memoir, in which he explained that he did cheat on his two ex-wives. It concerned her.

In talking to Mike about it, Cynthia insisted she would never cheat and never has, but he said never say never, which sparked an argument. He felt she was trying to point out his flaws without allowing him to point out hers. Cynthia said that’s why they needed counseling, but he was reluctant.

Days later, Mike agreed, saying he had found someone in Atlanta they could talk to. Cynthia, who had never gone to therapy before, was excited because she saw how much Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley’s relationship improved after getting help.

Later, Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss told the ladies they had planned a cast trip to Greece. Poor Eva Marcille was very pregnant and therefore unable to go, but everyone else was invited, including NeNe Leakes.

“Lemme think,” Kenya said in a later confessional. “Would I invite a treacherous, nasty, hypocritical bully on a Greece trip if Kandi was not co-hosting? Hmmm. Yeah, no.”

Later, Kenya and husband Marc Daly decided to throw a couples bowling event so everyone could get acquainted before another big charity event he was throwing. While the Leakes were apparently welcome to go bowling, Moore wanted a little more control over NeNe’s invitation to the charity event.

“If you want me to reach out to Gregg [Leakes], I will,” Marc told Kenya, “Whoever wants to come can come.” Kenya explained she was “not in a good place with NeNe” and that she “would prefer they not” be there. She eventually told Marc he could invite Gregg if he wanted to, but that she had no intention of inviting NeNe, who she also left out of her Instagram post about the event.

“Why did you tag Gregg and not NeNe?” asked an off-camera producer. “I know how nasty she has been to me for no reason. I’m not going to invite NeNe,” Moore replied.

Kenya told Marc she felt “very uncomfortable being in an intimate setting with her when she has not addressed the fact that she has tried to fight me, she’s called me names, she’s cursing me out…”

“She tried to fight you?” Marc interrupted. Referring to a blowup from a previous episode, Kenya said, “Yes. She got in my face, pointing, and people had to hold her back.”

“A lot of people get in your face. That don’t mean they wanna fight,” replied Marc, once again annoying Kenya. Her issue since day one has been that Marc doesn’t back her up or stand in her corner the way she wants him to.

Fast-forward to the bowling night. Tanya Sam wasn’t there because Kenya told her it was a couples thing and Paul couldn’t make it. When Marc got wind of this, he put Kenya on blast in front of everyone, saying he never said it was couples only. Cynthia and Eva were both there without their significant others. Kenya, however, did call Tanya a “c–t” a few weeks back, so she probably just didn’t want her there.

“I feel like the whole essence of a charity event would’ve been a good opportunity to have Tanya and have Paul come to this,” Porsha said to Kenya. “Tanya had a relationship with you. Y’all liked each other. There was something unfortunate that happened that both of y’all went there…”

“Oh, really? It was unfortunate?” Kenya asked, prompting Porsha to fire back, “Oh, yeah, You calling my friend a c–t is pretty unf–kingfortunate!” Kenya insisted it was not Porsha’s fight, and she agreed but said she was “just being honest.” She also told Kenya to put her finger down.

When Eva asked Marc if he had invited NeNe to the charity event, he said he had spoken to Gregg and said he had no problem with NeNe being there.
Later, Kandi urged Kenya to reach out to NeNe about the event, since Marc had been talking to Gregg. “Marc can reach out to her and invite her,” Kenya said, prompting Kandi to bring up the fact that Kenya tagged Gregg and not NeNe in her Instagram post.

“Marc wanted him there,” Kenya said. That’s when Marc interjected, “Ken! Ken! Ken, let’s reign it in. Let’s put all this me, you, I — put that away.” Everyone noticed the “Ken” nickname. According to Cynthia, who knows the couple well, “Kenya’s very different when it comes to her husband.” Porsha added that she noticed Kenya tends to “falls back” in Marc’s presence.

“I agree with [Kandi]. We need to reach out to her because, at the end of the day, it’s not about us,” Marc said. “We gotta look beyond ourselves.”

That’s when NeNe and Gregg showed up — after everyone was done bowling. NeNe said a very dramatic hello to everyone, even attempting to hug Kenya while chanting her name. But Kenya had no interest. She was polite and said hello but definitely didn’t reciprocate NeNe’s energy, nor did she accept her hug. It was awkward.

Marc got to talking with Gregg. NeNe was standing next to her husband, who explained to Marc his “dilemma” was the following: “I can’t go nowhere my wife can’t come.”

“She’s invited!” Marc insisted, as Kenya made her way over to where they were standing. “No, she’s not,” Gregg said. “She’s not on the link to the invite.” Marc reiterated that she was.

NeNe later told the camera that if she had invited Marc to something and not invited Kenya, Kenya would’ve had “a whole brand new baby over it, okay?”

“I’ll say it in front of everyone so we don’t have any miscommunication,” Marc then said, in front of his wife. “We’re gonna shelve all the nonsense for Tuesday. I’m not on Instagram, so I don’t know what happened, but that’s irrelevant to me. The point is I want [Gregg] to be there. You [NeNe] have to support your spouse. I would never divide a couple, so I want you guys both there. Kenya agrees.”

“Ken” nodded her head and said, “I agree.” NeNe noted the nickname, later telling the camera she liked “Ken” because “Ken shuts the f–k up.”

When NeNe leaned in to give Kenya another hug, Kenya barely reciprocated. “Is there an issue?” NeNe asked twice, but Kenya said they would “talk another time.”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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