Pop Smoke's Multiple Side Chicks Speak Out – All Are Devastated By His Death!!

New York City rapper Pop Smoke was shot and killed inside a Hollywood mansion this week. After the 20 year old rapper died, his millions of fans took to social media, to offer their condolences to each other.

Now, after a few days, his female friends are coming out – to explain how much they loved Pop Smoke.

And there’s a lot of them – at least four women have come out, claiming to be in love with the deceased rapper. And all claim that Pop Smoke loved them back.

We’re sure he did . . . in his own way.

R.I.P. to Pop Smoke.

Here’s one of his women Binchinx:

Heres; another one Amoyea:


Here’s Samantha:


And another, Yummy:


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