Katy Perry Collapses After Gas Leak Leads to American Idol Evacuation

Things took a very scary turn in a scene that will play out on this weekend’s “American Idol” episode as an apparent gas leak led to the evacuation of judges and contestants alike.

Katy Perry, who was the first to notice the unmistakable odor in a clip shared with People, also appears to have been the most affected by whatever was leaking into the building in Sunriver, Oregon.

After asking if fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie can smell the gas, Katy added, “I have a slight headache from it. Oh, it’s bad. It’s really bad.” With that, she got up and started leaving the audition room.

Luke agreed that there was a “propane” smell as production began evacuating and called emergency responders to the scene. “Wow, you can really smell it,” said Lionel even after they were all outside. “Holy crap!”

In one dramatic scene shown briefly in the teaser for Sunday’s episode after last weekend’s season premiere, Katy Perry suddenly collapses, saying, “I’m not feeling good.” The clip dramatically ends there, so fans will have to tune in to see what happens next.

Was it a genuine collapse due to gas inhalation? One of Katy’s usual goofy moments (presuambly after the situation was declared safe)?

We won’t know until Sunday, but reports from the taping in November of last year indicated that the issue stemmed from a problem in the kitchen of the venue.

And we — SPOILER ALERT — know that Katy was okay pretty quickly after that moment because there’s footage of the arriving firefighters “auditioning” for the new season, taking on a Lionel Richie classic, shared to the Central Oregon Daily News Facebook page.

No word if any of those moments will make it to air when the potentially-deadly incident plays out for television, but it’s sure to be a pretty dramatic moment, if the music producers looped over the footage we did see is any indication.

Plus, we’re pretty sure we would have all heard a whole lot more about the incident if anything more serious had happened. Still, it’s always good to take these situations seriously and evacuate at any sign of a gas leak, so it’s good to see that the safety of the contestants, cast and crew was foremost in the minds of the production team.

Even the young lady in the confessional who had no idea what was going on as the alarms started going off.

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