Chrissy Teigen on the Most Ridiculous Reasons She Gets Mom-Shamed

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to parental critics who police her every move on social media.

And although the supermodel-turned-cookbook author is “much better” about not clapping back at everyone who comes for her on Twitter and Instagram, she told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager she still sees and hears it all.

And she means all. Teigen went on to say the No. 1 reason she gets mom-shamed online is over what she feeds her her two kids with husband John Legend: 3-year-old Luna and 21-month-old Miles.

“It’s pretty much everything,” said Teigen, who boasts more than 28 million Instagram followers. “Any time I post a picture of [my kids] holding ribs or eating sausage, I get a lot of criticism. Vegans and vegetarians are mad and feel that we’re forcing meat upon them at a young age. They freak out.”

“If they get a glimpse of the car seat there is a lot of buckle talk,” she went on. “Maybe for one half of a second, the strap slipped down.”

“And TV is another big one,” she added. “We have TV on a lot in my house. John and I work on television; we love watching television.”

Kotb laughed recalling seeing a photo of Miles wearing a diaper that Teigen had posted to Instagram, noting in her caption she was well aware the stripe on his diaper was blue, meaning he needed to be changed.

“Yeah!” Chrissy concurred. “The second they see a blue stripe, they’re like, ‘You gotta change this baby!'”

Though she said the trolling when she had just Luna used to really get to her, Teigen says she’s “mentally so much better” about coping with negative feedback now that she has two kids and is more confident in her abilities.

“Honestly, you just know what’s gonna happen before it happens,” she explained. “They say that nine of out 10 moms actually feel like they’re not doing a good enough job, and that was me completely. Now, I realize that there’s no one right way to do anything. There’s a million ways to raise a baby. There’s a million different things you can do. You can’t really go wrong, honestly.”

“We’re our own worst critics,” she added. “So not only do we have that — like our own personal judgement and this vendetta against ourselves — we also have to read online people judging how you’re buckling him in the car seat. There’s these voices everywhere all the time, and it’s hard to weed out.”

That’s why Teigen joined forces with Pampers for the brand’s “Share the Love Campaign.” She said she wanted to help create a safe space for new parents to feel supported.

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