‘Bachelor’ Fantasy Suites 2020 Spoilers: Who Does Peter Have Sex With?

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Those who saw Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette know that Peter had an eventful time on his Fantasy Suite date. (Or should we say four eventful times.) But what’s in store for Pilot Pete this season? Reality Steve’s Bachelor Fantasy Suites 2020 spoilers reveal that there’s drama ahead for Madison after she tells Peter that’s a virgin.

But before we dive into what happens on Peter’s overnight dates, let’s recap what happens to him on his hometown dates. For most part, Peter’s hometown dates were drama free. He had nice dinners with Hannah Ann and Kelsey’s families, and had a minor tiff with Madison’s dad (who question whether he was a fit for his daughter), but in the end, Madi’s parents seemed to welcome Peter. But, as Bachelor Nation knows, nothing on the show is ever free of drama. Peter’s last hometown date was with Victoria F., who he confronts after she learns that she home wrecked a few of her friends’ marriages. In a nutshell, the two have a blowout on the driveway of Victoria F.’s parents’ house, and Peter never meets her family. Then—after all that—he gives her a rose and sends Kelsey home.

This brings us to Peter’s Fantasy Suite dates in Australia. We don’t have all the answers on what will happen, but thanks to Reality Steve (and other Bachelor investigators on the internet), we have some inside info on what went down with Peter behind closed doors.

Madison Tells Peter She’s a Virgin Before Fantasy Suites

The Bachelor - Madison

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

You know how Peter’s Hometown Dates rose ceremony ends on a cliffhanger as Madison runs after Peter to tell him something important? Well, Reality Steve confirms that that’s when Madison tells Peter that she’s a virgin and is saving herself for marriage, which means that Peter has this knowledge before Fantasy Suites. Of course, this means that Madison’s “ultimatum”—which The Bachelor hinted about in its preview, where Madi tells Peter that she can’t continue with their relationship if she’s intimate with other women—is given to him before he decided whether or not he wants to sleep with the other women. This, obvi, means there’s drama ahead.

The Final 3 Stay in the Same Suite

Bachelor 2020 Peter

Image: ABC.

In the Fantasy Suites episode preview, Victoria F., Hannah Ann and Madison look confused as they realize they’re staying in the same suite. As Reality Steve explained in a post, The Bachelor usually puts the final three in different hotel rooms and the contestants don’t even reunite until the rose ceremony. But, of course, given that Madison is a virgin and producers know that, they put the contestants in the same hotel room, so they can know whether a contestant comes home at night (and didn’t receive a Fantasy Suite date) or returns in the morning. We’re sure that this was on purpose to raise Madison’s stress levels (poor Madi) as she waits to find out if her competitors slept over in Peter’s room and possibly did more.

Madison Is the Last Fantasy Suite Date

Bachelor 2020: Madison & Peter

Image: ABC/John Fleenor.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Bachelor producers purposely planned Madison as Peter’s last Fantasy Suite date. Not only does this allow them to film her as she waits for Victoria F. and Hannah Ann to come back from their overnight dates, but it also gives Peter a chance to have sex with either (or both) contestants before his date with Madison. Though Reality Steve can’t confirm whether Victoria F. and Hannah Ann’s Fantasy Suites is first, he did confirm that Madison is last, so expect the next couple episodes to be very Madi-centric.

Peter Has Sex With Hannah Ann

'Bachelor' 2020 Peter, Hannah Ann

Image: ABC.

The Fantasy Suites episode preview shows Peter and a contestant naked as they make out against a glass door in their hotel room. Given that Madison is saving herself for marriage, Bachelor Nation ruled her out as the mystery woman. Bachelor investigators on Reddit also discovered that the woman behind the glass door is the same woman that Peter wakes up with in a morning scene later in the preview. We wrote about the entire investigation here, but long story short, the preview showed Victoria F. in a different hotel room (Bachelor fans matched her shoes), so the woman behind the glass door must be Hannah Ann. We don’t know for sure if Hannah Ann and Peter have sex on their Fantasy Suite date, but given how hot and heavy their glass door makeout looked, it wouldn’t be unlikely. (Peter does confirm he’s intimate with at least one contestant on The Bachelor.) If this theory is true and Peter and Hannah Ann do have sex, this means that there’s drama ahead for Madison after she learns that Peter has been intimate with another woman after she told him she’s a virgin.

Victoria F. Is Eliminated

The Bachelor - Victoria

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

Given Victoria F. and Peter’s heated argument on her Hometown Date, it shouldn’t surprise fans that she’s sent home in the final three. (Though many wished she was eliminated in the final four.) This leaves Peter with Hannah Ann and Madison in his final two. Who will he choose? We have our theories here, but for now, we know it’s not Victoria F.

Victoria F. Won’t Be on the Women Tell All

'Bachelor' 2020: Victoria F. & Peter

Image:ABC/John Fleenor.

This hasn’t been confirmed, but Reality Steve thinks it’s unlikely that Victoria F. will be on the Women Tell All episode after the Fantasy Suites date episode. He predicts that Fantasy Suites will end on a cliffhanger and Peter won’t give his final two roses until the final episode after the Women Tell All special. This means that The Bachelor won’t have Victoria F. on the Women Tell All, as to not reveal that she was eliminated. (Peter, who was also eliminated in the final three, wasn’t on the Men Tell All of Hannah’s season.) Of course, this doesn’t mean that Victoria F. won’t have her one-on-one time with Peter. She likely will sit down with Chris Harrison and Peter on the After the Final Rose to dish out details of their relationship (and that homewrecking scandal.)

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