Kendall Jenner’s 2020 Brit Awards After Party Outfit Is Beyond Neon

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I’ve seen Kendall Jenner wear a lot of different outfits, but her latest look is something I feel I must note. Not only is the ensemble a bold move in terms of style, it’s also a color that takes a lot of guts (and sartorial clout) to where. Kendall Jenner’s 2020 Brit Awards after party outfit made her look like a neon green highlighter, but she still looks good. Leave it to Kendall Jenner to dress like the inside of my fourth grade pencil box, but make it a fashion moment. Is it the confidence? Is it the fact that I know the outfit cost a lot of money? Is it the trust I have for her style choices after seeing so many incredible looks? I honestly don’t know why Kendall Jenner looks so good dressed as a highlighter, but I’m just going to go with it for now.

Wearing a bright green Saks Potts look, Kendall Jenner arrived to the Brit Awards after part at The Standard in London. (Harry Styles was also there, FYI. Are Kendall and Harry back together?! Only time will tell.) The model was already in the city, walking the Burberry Fall/Winter 2020 show at London Fashion Week, so it makes sense that she’d make an appearance at the Brit Awards as well. And honestly, thank goodness she did. Otherwise, we’d have all missed out on this sparkly neon green look that proves the neon trend isn’t going anywhere in 2020.

Kendall Jenner

Richard Young/Shutterstock.
40th Brit Awards, Sony Music After Party, The Standard, London, UK – 18 Feb 2020
Wearing Saks Potts & Amina Muaddi Shoes

Upon closer look, too, I’ve realized that not only does Kendall Jenner resemble a neon green highlighter, but also those water wiggly toys from the early aughts. You know, the little tubes filled with water and glitter that were hard to hold because they’d slide right out of your hands? Her outfit is basically a green version of one of those bad boys, and I’m honestly making me pretty nostalgic.

Water Snake Toy

Alas, Kendall Jenner can look good in whatever she wears, and that’s just my cross to bear. I have to believe that most of her sartorial success comes from having the confidence to wear whatever the hell you want (and money, probably). This has oddly become a good lesson in owning your looks. If you believe in them, the rest of the world likely will, too.


Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid
40th Brit Awards, Sony Music After Party, Arrivals, The Standard, London, UK – 18 Feb 2020

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