Wendy Williams Under Fire for Appearing to Mock Amie Harwick’s Death

There are hot takes and then there are not takes, and Wendy Williams has once again found herself on the receiving end of criticism after appearing to take it way too far while talking about the death of Drew Carey’s ex-fiancee, Dr. Amie Harwick.

The well-known sex therapist died after a fall from a balcony allegedly following an attack by her ex-boyfriend. Carey has canceled tapings of “The Price Is Right” as he deals with the emotional fallout of her death. But Williams appeared to make light of it during her show.

First, she made an insensitive comment while describing how Harwick died to her audience, emphasizing that “she was killed. Not by Drew.”

She then took it way too far, by many people’s standards, by invoking the classic “Price Is Right” phrase “Come on down!” as she first looked up and then down to the floor as if watching something — or someone — fall.

This proved even too much for her audience, who gasped audibly when she made her “not by Drew” comment, and met her follow-up joke with groans and dead silence.

As TMZ reported, police were called to Harwick’s third-floor home by her roommate, who told them that Harwick’s former boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse was assaulting Harwick. She had previously taken out a restraining order against her ex, but it had since expired.

Authorities reportedly found evidence of a struggle and Pursehouse was arrested and booked for murder in connection with Harwick’s death. He is being held on $2 million bail.

Carey and Harwick were briefly engaged in 2018 after a year of dating. “Amie and I had a love that people are lucky to have once in a lifetime. She was a positive force in the world, a tireless and unapologetic champion for women, and passionate about her work as a therapist,” Drew said in a statement received by TMZ of his ex-fiancee.

He continued, “I am overcome with grief. I would like to thank you in advance for giving myself and everyone who loved Amie privacy while we try to work through this tragic situation.”

Fans, though, absolutely lit up social media at what they perceived as incredible insensitivity on the part of Williams, who just a few days ago was apologizing for making disparaging comments about the LGBTQ+ community. You can check out their latest outrage below:

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